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Birth Order And Your Relationship

Who we are as an individual is complicated. So many factors have lead to the person you are today. Where you were born, how your parents raised you, what type of education you had, and the type of friends you surround yourself with are some of the many factors that have shaped the person you are now.

We may not realize it, but even the order in which we were born greatly shapes the way you live your life. Birth order affects our personality, our work ethic, and even our relationship style.


The Oldest

Not surprisingly, the oldest is usually the one who got a lot of attention from the family. The first to walk, talk and loose a tooth. The photo albums happen to contain far more photos of them than any of the other children and their art work was always displayed on the walls. Once the younger siblings come along, the oldest usually takes on both a leadership and care giving role.

This type of attention, leadership and care giving results in a partner who is seriously awesome. He or she may seek more attention from their partner and may be easily jealous, yet they are confident in themselves and are comfortable taking on the nurturing role in the relationship.

The Middle Child

The middle child is usually a master of making compromises. Always trying to be the peacekeeper between the family makes this loving middle child a great partner in a relationship. The middle child learned to become independent and be okay with less attention. Which means the middle child is okay with letting the other person in their relationship shine. The middle child may be rebellious at times, but their relaxed attitude makes them easy to be in a relationship with.


The Youngest

Ah, the youngest child. The baby of the family. If you’re the youngest child, you’re probably proud to be one. If you’re not, you probably roll your eyes when you think of them. But the truth is, the baby of the family is always a whole lot of fun. Youngest children are usually able to get away with a whole lot more than their older siblings. For example, because I had already gotten into trouble for everything, but the time my youngest sibling came around, there wasn’t much that he could do wrong. But this ability to do no harm results in people who are open to trying new things and a relationship partner who is always up for a fun time and a good adventure. Their spoiled nature sometimes means they expect more from their partner but that’s okay because they love to be cared for by others. If you’re a caregiver type of person, being in a relationship with someone who grew up as a younger child is a great fit for you.


When we take some time to consider how factors like birth order affect the type of person we are in a relationship, it helps us find empathy for that person and allows us to understand them on a deeper level. This deeper understanding leads to better communication and a higher level of happiness with each other.

Take some time to consider how birth order affects you and your partner. As you understand each other better, you’ll see that you become a little less critical and a lot more forgiving of your differences.

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