This Is How The Bond Girls Act In ‘Casino Royale’

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The iconic protagonist from Ian Fleming’s James Bond book series first made it to the screen in 1962 played by the late Sir Sean Connery. No one could have imagined that 60 years later, people are still obsessed with those movies and eagerly awaiting the release of the next one.

Of all the deaths in the sleek James Bond movie Casino Royale, the saddest is a stunning purple evening gown studded with rhinestones (or, since this is a Bond movie, maybe diamonds). It suffered its death in the shower of an elegant hotel room, in which the wearer shed a few beautiful tears. Of course, she’s a Bond girl: Vesper Lynd, a Treasury official, had a bad day. But no day as bad as the skirt.

On the other hand, one scene caught the attention of poker fans around the world. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s James Bond character plays No-Limit Texas Hold’em so he can get one step closer to solving the mystery behind banker Le Chiffre. Playing Texas Hold’em is not for everyone. While most of us enjoy taking advantage of a new live casino, poker players will understand that James Bond is excellent. Everyone who saw the film rejoiced after showing their cards, but a true poker connoisseur was thrilled when he realized the odds.

The scenes are full of suspense, detail and everything that makes this game appealing to poker players worldwide. However, in this article, we talk about the Bond girls.

How does the Bond Women work?

Bond Girls, however, operate by different rules than the rest of us. Their names are Plenty O’Toole, Holly Goodhead, and Christmas Jones. They wore white bikini belts (including Ursula Andress from Dr. No and Halle Berry from Die Another Day). Her hair is always flawless, and her clothes are tight and perfect. They perform brilliantly; in “Casino Royale,” a mysterious woman appears on a white horse, wearing a green bikini.

Unfortunately, the actresses who played them generally considered Bond a terrible career. Of course, there are exceptions: Jane Seymour shot to fame after playing solitaire in 1973’s “Life and Death,” while desperate housewife Teri Hatcher (“Tomorrow Never Dies”). The performance is quite good. But most of them are gone. Has anyone seen Denise Richards or Sophie Marceau, or Lynn-Holly Johnson lately? Since Halle Berry became the first Bond girl to win an Oscar, she hasn’t exactly been a hit at the box office.

So how does Eva Green, who plays Vespers, do? Well, Casino Royale isn’t as tacky and gritty as the usual Bond movies, which means Vesper doesn’t have a lot of good lines and doesn’t wear a swimsuit. However, she makes Bond fall in love with her and has unsafe sex with him in a nursing home between all the beakers and infusion poles. She wears a lovely black Spiderman dress throughout the movie, which she sold out and bought after destroying the purple. It’s all Bond girl goodness, Green looks beautiful all the time, and I’m sure all Treasury officials do.

Meanwhile, being Bond, Daniel Craig keeps taking off his shirt, perhaps to make up for the fact that he’s not Pierce Brosnan, and at the end, a random blonde shows up, wearing a spectacular Bond girl even Bodysuit with flared pants at the waist and a pair of strategic shoulder straps at the top.

But for the film’s true female center, look at a woman in her seventies: Judi Dench, as Bond’s bossy boss M, wears well-tailored trousers and doesn’t condone bullshit. In Casino Royale, we get a more personal look at M: Bond only whispers her real name and breaks into her apartment. It’s hard to say which is the more severe crime.

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