Book Review: Mercy By Rebecca Lim

Is there any mercy for the fallen?

mercy by rebecca lim

A celestial being kicked out of heaven for following the lead of the deviously charming Luc, Mercy finds herself waking up in a different body all the time–temporarily trapped in someone else’s life, with only a foggy memory of what came before and who she really is.

For now, that someone is Carmen–ironically with the voice of an angel, but the body of an insecure teen on the cusp of being an outcast.

While on a choir trip to the small town of Paradise, Mercy (as Carmen) stays with a host family that has been through the most unspeakable tragedy. Two years ago their daughter was kidnapped and presumed dead.

But their son, Ryan, has never believed his sister is really gone. With her supernatural skills in tow, Mercy vows to help him uncover the truth. Trying not to become distracted by the fact that this fallen angel is falling for the guy, Mercy reminds herself that she can never get too close.

But then another girl goes missing, and Mercy knows time is running out. Will she risk her secret being exposed to save the one she loves?

And then there’s Luc. He’s nowhere to be seen–except in her dreams, but a part of her is still connected to him. Meanwhile, the rest of her is focused on survival and hopefully, one day, redemption from her past crimes.

This novel is just the beginning in a promising series by Rebecca Lim. Read the first one and I guarantee you will be begging for more Mercy.


Review by Dana Marie Krook

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