Zoe’s Spring Book Summaries: Wicked, The Big Trip, 3 Willows


Wicked by Sara Shepard
By: Sara Shepard
Publisher: Harper Teen

Wicked is the next chapter in the epic best-selling story of four girls and their seemingly perfect life. Taking place in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, a place where the secrets are just as massive as the houses, four girls are exposed, Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria. “A”, an intruder on the four girls lives, has already exposed all of their most deepest and dark secrets. However, can one exposé ever change the actions of bad girls? An old dog can’t learn new tricks, and neither can these girls. With this episode getting juicier as one flips the pages, no one knows what to expect when someone is always ready and watching in Rosewood.

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The Big Trip

The Big Trip
Publisher: Lonely Planet Publications

Everyone’s worried about what to do after high school. But no one realizes this is the time to really experience life like you never have before! The Big Trip is a complete and comprehensive manual on what to do if you wanted to travel the world on a student’s budget. It tells you all: from the etiquette of being a polite traveller, to finding foreign jobs. It is the one stop that may help you go in the right direction towards your new life and experiences. If you ever considered becoming worldly, please consult this book before you whisk yourself off to Peru.

3 Willows: The Sisterhood Grows

3 Willows The Sisterhood Grows
By Ann Brashares
Publisher: Delacorte Press

3 Willows is another thrilling experience in the Ann Brashares sagas. New girls, new problems and new encounters make this book a must-read! Three girls realize that after their summer, the summer before they begin as freshmen, life will never be the same. Polly wants it all: the glamour, the fame, and the working her butt off to get there. Jo is getting to know the student body above her in her new high school, while coming across a star-crossed lover, leaving her ashamed. Finally, Ama may have bit off more than she can chew when her summer took an adventurous turn at her academic camp twisting into a wilderness camp. New girls and new adventures make this a book to read slowly, making sure one does not miss any of the journey.

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