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Boost Your Team’s Morale With These Tips

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Sometimes, corporate team morale can waver. You didn’t seal the deal you’d been chasing; a client has taken their business elsewhere, or a key player has taken a role with another company. During times like these, it’s important not to punish or undermine your team but to buoy their spirits and encourage them to move on to the next challenge with gusto.

That’s not to say being a team lead, manager, or supervisor is easy; during times of disappointment or unrest, you’re sure to feel the weight, too. However, it’s crucial for you to take the helm to get your coworkers back on track and forward-looking.

Here are a few practical ways you can heighten your team’s morale.

Host a Monthly Social Afternoon

Schedule downtime one Friday afternoon each month where the team can get together socially to decompress and connect on a personal level. Pizza parties, movie screenings and games afternoons are all low-key ways to get together without feeling forced, giving team members something to look forward to and a nice, gentle lead into the weekend.

Celebrate Team Members on Your Socials

Reward and acknowledge team members on your company’s social media channels. Celebrate their birthdays or share a big win with their team photo and a fun ‘personal’ fact. Not only will this allow your team members to feel valued and seen, but it also highlights your company as being one that truly values its staff.

Send a Surprise Gift

Everyone loves a surprise! Scheduling an unexpected treat for your colleagues will inspire smiles and make them feel appreciated. Some ideas for consideration include gift cards, sporting or concert tickets, or an innovative and stylish gift basket like those offered by Canadian company Nutcracker Sweet Gift Baskets. With shipping available across Canada and the U.S., you can choose from gourmet chocolate gift baskets, decadent party trays (which are a goldmine for indulgently sweet treats), and so much more — making them not only ideal for team members but for corporate clients, too.

Schedule (Optional) Morning Workouts

Studies from Harvard Health have found that yoga “can affect mood by elevating levels of a brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is associated with better mood and decreased anxiety.” Consider hosting optional 15-minute workouts for team members (yoga’s just an easy example of a fun, physical activity people can do together). There are some great and free online classes for you and your colleagues to work through as a team.

Volunteer Together

A community policy is a fantastic way to elevate the meaning behind your work. Getting your team involved is sure to elevate spirits, too. In fact, one study found that “89 percent [of employees] feel a strong sense of loyalty to their employer, and two-thirds feel more engaged at work as a result” of their companies’ charitable endeavours.

It might seem counterintuitive to take employees out of their workdays, shifting attention elsewhere. Still, the pros far outweigh the cons if it means happy team members who feel more connected to the organization. As a bonus, community initiatives are a good look for the business, too.

Take Away

Team members who are in a positive headspace are more likely to enjoy their work, feel a sense of loyalty to the company, and (let’s face it) are more enjoyable to spend a 9 to 5 with. By implementing one, two or three of these tips, you’re sure to boost team morale.

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