They Might Be The BOYS WHO SAY NO, But We All Say Yes

Boys Who Say No

The world of Indie-Rock music has to keep its eye open for the brand new album Contingencies by Boys Who Say No. This album is jam packed with danceable beats and catchy lyrics that fans will blast through their dorm rooms and car stereos.

Dealing with relevant issues in their song “Small Town Girl,” Indie enthusiasts will sing along to relatable messages about teen angst such as, “your new girl’s trouble and I know you know.” In addition to the great lyrics, the memorable beats will have listeners on their feet and rocking out to songs like 56K and Country Real-Estate.

Boys Who Say No

Boys Who Say No produced an innovative album, letting their music do the talking in the track “Vet Us,” with it’s lengthy intro, and fresh sound. Music fans
will have no trouble filling their needs with “Contingencies,” whether it’s a relaxing track they can put their feet up to, or finding a song that makes them move.

As a whole, Contingencies is a great first full-length album to kick off this Toronto-based band’s promising career. With its melodic sound and original lyrics, Boys Who Say No will have fans screaming “Yes!”

Boys Who Say No

RECOGNIZE ONE OF THESE GUYS? Band member Mike Lobel was once the infamous Jay Hogart on Degrassi.

Contingencies is being released on February 21, 2012 and you can catch Boys Who Say No live on February 24th as the headline band at the Steam Whistle Unsigned Series Showcase in Toronto.

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