Brandy Expresses Herself In Latest Album


“There are people around you who want to see you succeed and are encouraging about it. Parents see things before you even do them and I wish I’d have listened to my mother a lot more,” says Brandy about exploring different managers in her career.

It was to her mother she turned to for advice. “She realized I was good where I was and told me what not to do. In the end, I always tell her she was right and she just loves to hear that one,” Brandy says with a smile in her voice.

With her latest album, Aphrodisiac, Brandy is determined to express her inner spirit, “I have gone through things in life that I am able to confront and talk about now without any shame. I wanted this album to reflect honesty and passion. A different side of me — as a person that has some experience under her belt now.”


There were several influences that went into the making of this album but Brandy was highly inspired by Coldplay’s second album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, which was introduced to her by producer Timbaland. Brandy says she listened to Coldplay to relax and while she was on photo shoots.

Kanye West also features on two songs in the album, “He’s very animated and knows what he wants, which is very cool. For the most part, I recorded my stuff from Kanye and did a video with him, which worked out great.”


Photo courtesy of Warner Music Canada

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