Brian Littrell Shows Us His Christian Side

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What do you do when you’ve already sold over 71 million albums worldwide with your band and you’re looking to inspire people through your first-ever solo project? If you’re Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, you put together an uplifting, pop-infused Christian album titled Welcome Home.

The transition to writing songs about God was simple and organic, says the star. “Music is a message,” Littrell says, “whether it’s a heartbreak love song or a love song that has a different kind of spin on it.” The singer, who mainly draws inspiration from his wife and son, wanted to make an album that was a cross between a traditional Christian album and a pop album, “but not too preachy on the Christian side,” he jokes. And Littrell has accomplished just that. Littrell’s fave song from his album is the title track, which he wrote coming back from a European tour with BSB.

The artist: Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell, a devoted born-again Christian since the age of eight, has a special guest on his first solo album: his son, Baylee.

Right now
: Although his cousin, Kevin Richardson, recently chose to leave BSB, Brian (who spent the summer promoting his solo album) and the rest of the band are currently in the studio working on their follow-up to 2005’s Never Gone. Littrell describes the new album as in the same vein as their last album: “a pop/rock live sound”, but also very similar to the sounds of The Beatles and The Eagles.

Coming up: The next BSB album is set for release this fall. A small club tour is planned, followed by a big Backstreet-style tour in the spring of 2007.

Brian Littrell reads Faze Magazine
Brian Littrell savouring the latest issue of Faze Magazine

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