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The Brilyent Way Forward: Fashion That Inspires

Brilyent, an online shop based out of Los Angeles is turning the heads of “brilliant” fashionistas and celebrities alike.

Brilyent clothing

Founded by designers Kevin Tonkin and Sean Sullivan, the brand began as a small skateboard-inspired clothing line in 2012 and has grown exponentially since. The collection now consists of a variety of snapbacks, tees and tanks that feature their fresh graphic designs. But the trendy brand isn’t like any other; Brilyent promotes and motivates people to find their brilliance from within and to strive forward.

To find out more about what makes the brand so special, what sets them apart and what the brand has in store for the future, check out our Q&A with designer Kevin Tonkin.

Can you tell us how Brilyent got started?
Kevin Tonkin: Brilyent started pretty much organically. I began making decks and tees and there became a demand, so I just kept creating more and more. Once the B logo came out, I couldn’t keep it in stock.

In a few words, what does the Brilyent brand represent?
KT: The brand represents those who are “brilliant” in their own way. These days, skateboarders can drive the same car as someone who studied for 4+ years. It’s basically the people that find a way to the top by being them, and not by someone teaching them [how to be]. Those people are Brilyent.

Brilyent clothing

What sets Brilyent apart from other brands?
KT: Pretty much every crew has their own “brand” these days. But I like to always have a message or a “twist” on anything we do. For example our chimp logo actually has a lightbulb for a head to represent big, brilyent ideas. I always like having a little message behind each piece we create. Not just a cool looking screen print.

As a company based out of LA, is there something about the SoCal environment that inspired the designs in the collection?
KT: Probably. Being blessed with nice weather all year around is inspirational itself. Also, skateboarding has always been the backbone of Brilyent. Our recent camo line is actually made of broken skateboards, again every design has a message and a reason for being made.

What celebrities have been sporting Brilyent?
KT: We’re lucky to have a wide variety of celebrities supporting Brilyent. We’ve had everyone from Judy Shekoni, a co-star in the Twillight series, to Problem, one of the biggest up and coming rappers out of Compton, CA. We work with a lot of DJs and producers too—both hip-hop and EDM.

Check out updates from Brilyent on Twitter and Instagram.

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