Buying Online Keeps Getting Easier

Saturday shopping days in city centres used to full of shoppers, especially at the end of the month when you got paid. Nowadays, although high-street stores are still busy, the majority of us buy their favourite products online to be delivered to our home. Online stores are broadening their product options, making shopping easier for customers and encouraging them with benefits such as free delivery. Some customers still prefer to physically go to shops and browse with their spending money, while many others prefer the accessibility and easiness of online shopping where they are able to shop whenever and wherever they are, avoiding the hassle of crowds in stores.  Retail e-commerce sales are changing worldwide and are forecast to nearly double between 2016 and 2020. In April 2017, a survey showed that 40% of internet users in the United States claimed to have purchased items online several times per month, and 20% stated they had bought items or used online services on a weekly basis.

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Online Convenience

Not only can we buy bulky products such as appliances and furniture online, but even major supermarkets like Loblaws and Safeway are making food shopping easy with home delivery. Lottery players also now have the convenience of playing the lottery online and can purchase their online lottery tickets at sites such as Lottoland. Players can bet on a variety of lotteries throughout the world including Canada, UK and Australia instead of being restricted to buying tickets for their national lottery at the store.

Clothes shopping online has also become popular as stores like Zara and Boohoo display their huge range of fashion wear, making it easy for customers to return items that are not wanted. You’ll often even find detailed information about the size and measurements of the models displaying them so that you know which of the different pictures is a more close match to how the clothes will look on you.

The Online Market

It appears that e-commerce is the fastest developing retail market worldwide according to the survey discussed above, and online stores are growing rapidly. While there are certain retailers that may not be easily available to purchase online such as the automobile industry, fuel or cooked foods, there are still many ways for retailers to use the net to advertise their products.

The automobile trade can still advertise vehicles via their websites, including in-depth specifications and masses of images. Restaurants can advertise their menus and make online booking easy for table reservations. Takeaway such as Pizza Hut can even allow customers to order online and have food delivered by home delivery. Online services such as photo or invitation printing let consumers use cleverly inbuilt software to get jobs done quickly and easily.

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