Can I Take My G1 Test Online In Ontario?

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation needs a variety of examinations in order to get a driver’s license.

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The examination will depend on both the kind of license you need and your current driving status. The G1 starts at Level One. You may begin learning to drive automobiles, vans, and compact vehicles. You must pass a vision and knowledge exam to establish whether you have a thorough comprehension of Ontario’s road regulations, traffic signs, and road signs. You need to be present for the test so you cannot take the G1 test online. You can opt for a G1 Course to help you pass the test with ease.

All road test costs must be paid in advance prior to scheduling the G1 road test appointment. The G1 road test may be scheduled online, at a test center, or by phone. The knowledge examination price is $10.00. After the expiration date, novice drivers cannot schedule a G1 road test. Those candidates must restart the graded license application procedure.

All DriveTest locations offer the written G1 examinations for all license classes.

Booking a road test

To schedule a road test appointment, you must provide:

  • Your Driver’s License Number In Ontario (Including Expiry Date)
  • A Suitable Site For Administering The Examination
  • A Second And Third Location Option
  • Desired Time And Date

You can plan, cancel, or reschedule a road test:

You must cancel a test appointment at least 48 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation charge.

No appointment is required to take the G1 written exam

However, you must be at the exam center at least one hour before it closes in order to complete the knowledge and vision tests. I’m happy I arrived early since the queue was nearly two hours long! At the Driver Examination Center, you must be accompanied by a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience if you are a G1 driver.

When you attend the G1 exam, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to your planned appointment time in order to begin processing.

Driver education: graduated licensing

After passing the vision and knowledge exams, you are issued a G1 license. Before obtaining a full G license, you must:

  1. complete studying levels G1 and G2
  2. pass two driving exams

This method is known as “graduated licensing.” It is intended to provide novice drivers time to practice and develop driving expertise gradually.

You have five years to complete the whole procedure. If you do not get your full G license within five years, you will need to begin the process again.

Driving Exam G1 Test

G1 license

Legally, if you possess a G1 license, you must:

  • maintain a 0.0 blood alcohol concentration (no alcohol in your blood)
  • Ensure that every passenger in your vehicle is wearing a functional seatbelt.
  • not drive between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • Do not drive on 400-series motorways or high-speed expressways (e.g. 401, QEW, Gardiner Expressway).

drive with a licensed motorist who possesses:

  • minimum of four years’ driving experience
  • A blood alcohol concentration below .05 (if this person is 21 and under, their blood alcohol level should be zero)
  • The front passenger seat must include just the accompanying driver. If you are driving with an Ontario-certified driving instructor, you may drive on any road.
  • In most circumstances, the G1 license allows for 12 months of practice.

G2 road exam (G1 exit test)

This is the first of two exams that new drivers must pass.

With a G1 license, you may take your first road test after 12 months.

This test evaluates fundamental driving abilities such as:

  • making left and right turns
  • stopping
  • parallel parking
  • one-way roads
  • lane changes
  • 3-point turns
  • driving in residential communities
  • traffic signals, yield and stop signs

After you pass, you obtain your G2 license

Eight months after completing a government-approved driver instruction program, you may take your first road test.

What You Should Know Before Taking Your Exam

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The examiner may halt or refuse to begin the G1 examination if:

  • Your car is not in functional condition or its license plate is expired.
  • You have consumed alcohol or exhibit symptoms of drug usage.
  • Your driving abilities are insufficient to pass the G1 exam without endangering yourself or others.

The examiner will explain what is expected of you during the driving examination. However, they are prohibited from coaching you during the G1 examination. If you have any queries, please pose them before beginning.

Prior to the G1 road test, the examiner will pose two questions:

  1. Do you need glasses or contact lenses to drive?
  2. Do you have heart disease, a stroke, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, loss of consciousness, or any other medical or physical condition that might impair your driving?

You are required by law to speak the truth. Failure to comply may result in a fine/jail time or license suspension.

If you want to schedule your G1 road test online, be advised that if you cancel your appointment three times, the system will prevent you from scheduling again and you will need to call Drive Test to schedule your next G1 road test appointment. Remember that your booked appointment and G1 test timing may be altered without prior notification.

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