To What Extent Can You “Escape From The World” During Your Travels?

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Travel can feel like a distinct break from your day-to-day life, and that’s because in all the ways that matter, your experience is novel and new. Heading to a warmer climate, relaxing on a beach, watching a few awesome shows or attending a globally-known event is not something we all get up to on the average weekday, and that’s why such an experience can be so wonderful to enjoy.

However, it’s also true that when we travel the world, we’re also heading into the world. Sometimes, this takes quite intensive planning, a means of navigating around tourists, and of course, strict budgeting and expense.

There are many reasons as to why you could wish to travel, but perhaps one of the most valid is to “get away from things for a while,” escaping or taking a break from the world. This can be healthy, as it allows you to reorient yourself, gain new perspective, and even reflect on your life and the decisions you need to make.

But if the world is so busy from all angles, to what extent can you escape from the world during your travels? In this post, we hope to discuss that topic and hopefully provide some insight going forward:

A Remote Getaway & Comforting Lodgings

A remote getaway in your own private or less-populated area can be a wonder for your clarity of mind. Being able to go on a comforting walk with few people around, feeling safe at night, and truly absorbing nature on your own terms can be restorative to anyone, especially those who work in the city or feel tired of suburban living.

Cottage Prices

This is why you might opt for Muskoka vacation rentals in order to enjoy the best, most quaint and comfortable cottages, or even rent out a log cabin to really bring back your shelter to this bare essentials – a wood-burning stove, a comforting cot, and a simple desk to write or read from.

Heading to a space like this can be restorative to the spirit and mind, but it will also help you decompress. For that reason, sometimes moving far away from the tourist traps will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Reading On Vacation

It can be nice to bring along a book, or even series of books, you can get lost in while you travel. There’s nothing quite as comfortable as airport reading with a coffee, lazily scrolling through a paperback on the beach, or spending a quiet comfortable evening on the hotel porch reading with a tasty drink.

Vacation reading shouldn’t be about high-brow literature (unless you love that), it should be about relaxing and soothing into something that interests you, no matter how pulpy the romance or how silly the detective thriller. Odds are, you’ll be able to find a fun story set in the exact location you’re visiting. The descriptive prose of a good book aligning with the surroundings you see can bring you a sense of wonder like nothing else, so don’t disregard it.

Journal & Practice Your Creative Hobbies

Vacations can give you the time to work on your own creative interests, in a space that feels new, alive and interesting. For instance, you might bring an easel with you on your hikes and use watercolors to paint the landscapes, knowing that you won’t be bothered at all.

Alternatively, bringing a journal and writing page-long entries each day can help you put your free thoughts into more structured sentences, giving you the chance to express how you feel, work through your emotions, and even reflect on your day-to-day life.


Vacations give us the chance to feel uncompressed by our general life duties or in maximizing our free time, instead, it allows ut to do so in a playful, interesting space, where we get to indulge and have fun as and when we want to. You’d be surprised just how building a hobby here can influence your experience when you come back home. Sometimes, you just needed the space and time to focus on a discipline you appreciated.

Take It Easy

It’s very easy to think that perfecting your time, getting the most from your money in every way, and never missing a tourist spot is ideal for you. Of course, vacations can be expensive.

That said, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and take time for yourself. Don’t feel obligated to do anything. Spend some time on the beach, walking local hiking routes, spend a lazy afternoon in a bar with locals, head to the library and read some pages of a local history book, and get some ingredients together to cook on the outside grill in the villa you’ve rented.

Little efforts like this give you the space to just do what you want, and you won’t have the constant feeling of obligation that the most frantic vacations can often demand of us. It takes a little time to learn this skill, but you’ll be profoundly thankful that you did, and never felt embarrassed to take things at your own pace.

Go Alone Or With Someone Close

If you can justify it, having a solo vacation or a small vacation with someone you love, appreciate, and know is on the same wavelength can be ideal. Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t have a nice relaxed holiday with a family, but you may need to be more disciplined with your “me-time” to enact some of the advice in this post, which is perfectly doable.

That said, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as traveling with someone who can understand the intent of the vacation, to relax, to unwind, to spend some time with your thoughts, to co-operate, and to delve into your hobbies. This can be your little escape from the world, a means by which you learn more about yourself or one another, and soak into a space where obligation is temporarily paused.

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With this advice, you’re sure to escape from the world during your travels, in the best possible way.

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