What Is Love? Can You Really Find It On Tinder?     

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Tinder, Grindr, and other modern-day dating apps have an undeserved reputation for facilitating casual hookups. However, a recent study shows dating app users are finding love after all.

In 2018, the Federal Statistics Office of Switzerland carried out a survey on more than 3,000 people who were in a relationship that had been formed online or offline. The survey showed that partners who had met online were more interested in cohabitation than those who hadn’t met on a dating site. Another surprising finding was that women who met someone online were likelier to want children than those who met the conventional way.

There was no difference in the reported happiness levels between couples who met on dating apps and those who didn’t.

Dating apps like Tinder have the additional advantage of expanding one’s dating pool and horizons. They make it easier for people from different regions and backgrounds to meet. What’s more, there are all sorts of ways to search for people on Tinder specifically, so you could find someone where you least expect.

What does finding love really mean?

In all probability, you can find love on and off Tinder. The real question is what it means to find love.

For a lot of people, the need to experience true love becomes a lifetime quest, especially if they have been in a failed relationship. It’s estimated that only a quarter of all people found love with their very first long-term partner.

Why is it important?

The need to love and be loved persists until this innate desire is fulfilled. Saying you’ve found love means your needs and your partner’s needs are met, and you are moving in the same direction.

Sooner or later, it becomes clear that love is important, no matter your age or life experience. It might take many disappointments, failed marriages or otherwise unsuccessful relationships, and generally, trial and error to realize that what you thought was love was a strong desire you had to fulfill.

Some people realize they’ve found love in an instant soon after they meet someone. In other cases, feelings develop once you realize you share the same or similar values and have understanding and mutual respect.

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True love comes from within

The path to true love is unique and different for everyone, but it’s hard to dispute it comes from inside the person. A person who loves themselves expresses love and receives it in return. You can only attract more of something to your life if you already have some of it, like with money.

When some people think they need love, they actually need someone to make them feel whole. They become possessive of the other person, which is selfish and not loving.

What people attract is what they have to offer. If you aren’t being genuine, you won’t find a genuine person.

It’s never too late to begin growing love within instead of searching for it high and low. It can be as simple as being honest, acting in a loving way, and appreciating your partner regardless of where you met. Share what you have, but do expect something in return.

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