Canadian Country Idol: Jaydee Bixby

Sometimes not winning a show like Canadian Idol can benefit one of the finalists—just ask teen country singer, Jaydee Bixby. After finishing second to Brian Melo in season five of the show, the young Albertan embarked on a solo career that landed him a deal with HRM Records, with reasonable creative control during his first writing and recording experience. Just weeks after releasing his debut album, Cowboys and Cadillacs, Faze wondered if Bixby was concerned that his appearance on Canadian Idol could affect how a broader audience may perceive him. “I really think there’s no way that can ever affect my record sales because people who voted for me, they didn’t vote for me because I was on Canadian Idol,” feels Bixby. “They voted for me because of what I was doing on Canadian Idol.”

Jaydee Bixby

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