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Canadian Designer Vinta Re-invents Philippine Fashion

Vinta Fashion Show  

Muling baguhin in Filipino (meaning “reinvent”) was the inspiration for the modern clothing line by designer Caroline Mangosing. Her collection, VINTA, was launched on the first day of Philippine Fashion Week this June at the prestigious Lexus Downtown. “This week is important for Canada because it allows the Filipino-Canadian community to shine,” says Caroline. “Fashion is a fantastic stage to share our vibrant culture.”

VINTA is the first Canadian line to showcase a modern take on traditional Philippine designs. The collection features the traditional terno dress which displays exaggerated, winged sleeves. VINTA also switches traditional Filipino gender roles by fashioning a barong, typically worn by men, for a women’s piece. Definitely my favourite of the bunch!

The message of Caroline’s collection is that even though you may evolve and change, you must still remain true to your roots. “VINTA becomes a visual The VINTA collection Photo by Candice Kayerepresentation of the significant contribution Filipinos make to Canada’s cultural mosaic,” she says.

“Often when Filipinos think of cultural clothing, they think ‘costume,’” Caroline says. “That’s what I wanted to change.” Through VINTA, she has used traditional Filipino fashion and infused it with modern, Canadian style. “That’s my inspiration: chic, wearable, fashionable clothing that shows  your cultural pride at the same time,” Caroline says.

VINTA not only celebrates Philippine fashion, but it also supports youth art and cultural programming through the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture. The centre, which was co-founded by Caroline, provides training for Toronto-Filipino youth who hope to work within the fashion industry.

Vinta Fashion Show

Vinta Fashion

Above photos by Candace Kaye

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