Canadian Music Week: Interview with Kate Todd

Kate Todd

Kate Todd is no stranger to the Canadian entertainment industry; she picked up a guitar in her early years as Lily Randall or ‘Shady Lane’ on the television show Radio Free Roscoe. Since then, she has brought her love for music along for the ride, now finally putting the spotlight on her voice and role as a musician.

As an attendee of Canadian Music Week last year, Kate experienced her first year as a performer, with a showcase at the Cadillac Lounge on March 23 presented by KICXFM. She was excited to be a part of it this year and was looking forward to performing with her band.

She can also be seen on the new MuchMusic show The L.A. Complex, and My Babysitter’s a VampireShe let Faze in on how she balances both acting and music:

“When I began booking roles as an actress, it gave me a lot of down time in my trailer and pick up my guitar. That allowed me to work on my song-writing skills and hone my craft as a musician,” says Todd. “So the two of them continually intertwine throughout my career, which I’ve been really lucky to have happen.”

Christina Dun with Kate Todd
Actress-singer Kate Todd with Faze reporter Christina Dun

Her debut album, Finding My Way, has been released. Here’s her video for “Anywhere With You”

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