Canadian Rapper Manafest: Keeping A Work/Life Balance In The Music Biz

His new album may be titled Fighter, but Manafest keeps the peace between his work and personal life.

Rapper Manafest Chris Greenwood

Chris Greenwood, better known for his stage name Manafest, has released his seventh album Fighter, which is sure to make his current fans scream with joy, while picking up some new fans along the way.

“This one definitely has a lot more singing on it,” he explains as the difference between this and his previous albums. “[It has] a lot more harmonies on it. We got to work on the writing and the lyrics. You grow with each one.”

Currently on tour as a family man and the all-star artist that he is, Manafest not only harmonizes on his tracks, but also makes sure to create harmony between his work and home life. “If I could just be touring as many days as I want all year round, that would be great,” he says. “But when you’re trying to have a family, it’s not just about yourself. You have to have balance and not go crazy.”

Rapper Manafest Chris Greenwood

Stretching his vocal chords with some warm-ups and jumping around before his shows, Manafest stays busy on tour and keeps his eye on future projects. “I’m looking forward to the side project I’m doing and the book I’m writing. It’s just important to always be writing and creating,” he tells Faze.

Though the Canadian rapper may be living it up on tour and spendi  ng time with his family, he recognizes the importance of staying in touch with his innovative side.

“The concept of love is written and rewritten again. You’ve got to come up with a new way of saying something. Be creative with it,” Manafest advises. “As long as you’re writing songs that touch people, then you can’t really go wrong there!”

Rapper Manafest Chris Greenwood

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