Meet Canadian Sister-Brother Country Duo, The Reklaws

The Reclaws Live

Raised in rural Ontario, The Reklaws are comprised of the brother-sister duo Jenna and Stuart Walker. They came up with the name ‘Reklaws’ because it’s their last name, Walker, backwards.

In 2012 The Reklaws were awarded the CCMA Discovery Artist title followed by the 2013 Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase title. Their 2017 major label debut with Universal Music Canada charted at #15 and their EP “Long Live the Night” has been the most streamed song in all of Canadian country music released this year. These rising country stars have an infectious sound that screams summer patio season and pairs perfectly with a MorningStar plant-based burger and maybe some ketchup tzatziki?

Andreia(Faze): How has being Canadian influenced your music style? Do you think Canada is overdue for country music?

Stu: I think it is long overdue for country music. Yeah, It’s like country music has become really a big thing over the last 10 years. It’s like the new pop music or like rock was in the 90s. Very popular and everybody listens to it. Canadians are making their mark slowly but surely and Nashville is obviously the place to start. I think it’s time and we are hopefully in that in that race.

Jenna: I mean we’re lucky to be Canadian it’s cool that Canadians have kind of their own country genre. You know like, there’s competition against the United States, but there’s also competition with Canadians. But I think that’s pretty awesome to be able to be have our own thing going on but I also believe that we’re about to break new ground and that will be in the United States. Like Stu saying, we’ve seen it on the pop charts. It’s only a matter of time before they start to realize that Canadians are just as talented.

Stu: In every genre

Andreia: Where in Canada do you feel has the biggest country fans?

Stu: Calgary. We’ve heard from the steps of the CCMAs that were in Hamilton this past year and it was apparently sold out, but apparently the amount of tickets that have already been sold for the Calgary CCMAs are insane.

Jenna: I mean they have their own stamp.

Stu: Yes, and out West, if you ever get a chance to go to a country bar out west, it is a different beast of a thing.

Andreia: Do you have a favourite spot to play out there where the fans were particularly awesome?

Stu: We actually just spent most of last summer out there

Jenna: I mean the fans are so different out there because they are country through and through. So, the way they come to your concert is they sit back, and they really watch like a judge, which is a good thing because they’re country fans. Once they’re your fan I think you’ve really passed the test. I would say they’re like crazy fans once they’re attached.

The Reclaws & TeamFaze
The Reklaws sitting back with Andreia Mclean and some of the other girls from the #TeamFaze Nike running crew
Andreia: Is there a venue or a gig that you have played that was really your “made it” moment?

Stu: I feel like this was like two months ago we got to play the Junos.

Jenna: That’s huge

Stu: It was amazing because it wasn’t like we were playing any country festival or country awards show. It was the music of Canada awards show. We’re the only country act in four or five years to be able to do that. We just feel so honored.

Jenna: And then winning the CCMA rising star. That was huge. The amount of CCMA things we’ve gone to over the course of our career and “gone to” in like buying tickets or just watch because we couldn’t afford it.

Stu: Watched It from our hotel room. So yeah, crazy.

Andreia: What other Canadian artists are on your playlist right now?

Stu: Drake.

Jenna: Of course, and we love James Barker Band we love, Jade Eagleson and those guys are amazing. Emily Reid – female, strong, awesome, she’s so great. She’s new. We’re really excited about her

Stu: The new Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber song is obviously great.

Andreia: Is there any one of those people The Reklaws would love to collaborate with?

Stu: I wonder what Drake would think about a country song…

The Reclaws & Andreia Mclean
The Reklaws, Jenna and Stuart Walker, sandwich Faze’s Andreia Mclean
Andreia: Compound question: You grew up in rural Ontario in Cambridge and helped operate the adventure farm with your family, so from Yee-Haw adventures to barbecue season with MorningStar Farms, what made you pick this partnership and do you have a favorite plant-based burger topping?

Jenna: I think growing up in the country teaches you a lot. At first you’re taught to eat meat. You have chickens on your farm so that’s what you’re taught to do.

Stu: Meat and potatoes, yeah.

Jenna: But you also learn that so many good things come from the ground. And we would plant a garden every single year with our dad which was so special for us even though we pretended to hate it while we did it. But I mean, that that’s why we’re partnering with MorningStar Farms. It’s everything to us. I mean it’s really like coming back to our roots. It’s where we come from.

We’re excited that it’s just like pushing the limits on plant-based eating. I think that’s become so mainstream so quickly and I think because people are seeing the importance of it and the importance of our health.

Stu: And with what, with what we do, it’s hard to eat a lot of heavy meat meals, we eat basic meals on the road and here to have a plant-based burger or something which is so much, you’re getting the protein you need and the energy you need, but you’re not getting that feeling of sleepiness, it’s great.

veggie burgers

Andreia: Favourite plant-based burger topping?

Stu: Tzatziki. I know that it’s different.

Jenna: There’s a Mediterranean chickpea veggie burger and it put tzatziki on it this morning with like feta cheese and cucumber just make it like a Greek Burger. Amazing.

Stu: Morningstar has three flavors, there is one of them called spicy black bean and that also with tzatziki I would totally have that for breakfast

Jenna: Or with guacamole on it. Spicy black bean but make it more like a taco kind of burger.

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