Canadian Proud: Walk Off The Earth Returns Home For CMW


It’s been an exciting time for Burlington rock band Walk Off The Earth. Fresh from a European tour, the band was in Toronto for the Canadian Radio Music Awards. They performed and walked away with four awards: Best New Group or Solo Artist in the “Hot AC” and “CHR” categories, SOCAN Song of the Year for “Red Hands,” and the Fans Choice award.

Marshall, Sarah, Gianni, Taylor and Joel have been on tour promoting their debut full-length album R.E.V.O, released in March 2013. It’s been an especially interesting time on the road for Sarah and Gianni, who welcomed their first child recently. “I’ve been on tour with my new baby and it’s been an amazing and challenging experience,” says Sarah.

The band was looking forward to taking part in this year’s Canadian Music Week. “I feel like Canada has finally reached the point of recognizing the musicians they should,” says Sarah. “They’re giving credit to the people who deserve it, and more people are seeing that there’s a lot of talent here.”

For anyone hoping to break into the music industry, Sarah shares her words of wisdom. “In this day and age, I’d say don’t waste your time touring and playing shows for five people across the country. I would say use social media to your advantage, that’s what it’s there for,” she says.

Walk Off The Earth did just that, becoming known for impressive viral videos, including the cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” which racked up more than 158 million views.

 “All of us, we’re so passionate about music and we all wanted this to happen,” says Sarah when asked about the group’s work ethic. “With positivity and the right product, you can make it happen.”

Walk Off The Earth is writing a second album, hoping to come out later this fall.

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