Cara Delavingne’s Reaction To A Rude Host During An Interview Is Perfect

Cara Delavingne has been doing a ton of interviews and press work for her newly released film, Paper Towns. However, one of these interviews were super awkward and ended terribly. Cara was interviewed on the morning show Good Day Sacramento. After being introduced as Carla, Cara remained calm and professional as she answered the questions. Cara made a couple sarcastic jokes that did not go over well with the interviewers. Check out the awkward encounter below:

It seems to me that the hosts of the morning show just didn’t understand Cara’s sense of humour. They took her sarcastic answers offensively, and reacted in a very unprofessional manner. Even if Cara was being as rude as the hosts seem to think she is, they could have responded in a much more professional way. Bashing Cara, who took time from her very busy day, just seems uncalled for. Cara shared her opinion on the interview on twitter.

Cara Delevingne TweetsScreen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.58.51 PM


Overall, this situation seems to be a misunderstanding and difference in personality between the hosts and Cara. However, Cara remained classy and calm, whereas the hosts lashed out. Hopefully we can all learn from Cara’s behaviour here – it’s always better to stay true to who you are and calm under pressure because Cara came off on top in the end.

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