CBD Oil VS CBD Treats For Dogs: Which Is Better?

BMD vs CBD - NOooo - treats for dogs

When it comes to drugs, we as humans have been creative in looking for them. It can be the medical sort, as the discovery of penicillin and vaccines. According to this article, it was an event that changed the course of history with medicine. However, others have been controversial and illegal like meth and cocaine. In the middle of it all, there is cannabis.

You have already heard its name or the more commonly used one marijuana. They have been popular in the West for the longest time. The East had opium until wars were fought for it to just control and stomp the operations. Meanwhile, the marijuana moved into the new century while still being condoned by authorities.

In this modern age, more people in the world are opening to the idea that this can be a medical breakthrough. It is not just a drug that you use to get high, but it may have some value to the community. This is why there are so many organizations fighting for its legalization in the West. countries like Canada have already done it, but the USA seems not open to the idea yet.

However, this does not stop some areas in the United States to legalize some part of it. It is usually the medical marijuana or hemp that is being used. There are even some states that have allowed the use of recreational marijuana. Only time will tell on whether it is going to be legalized on American soil.

It has also fueled the creativity of people in using cannabis. Aside from the typical smoke and burn, many other products have been introduced to the market. For example, extracts have been used to create oils like cannabidiol or CBD. This has made it easier to transform cannabis into various products like soap and shampoos.

This idea has also led many people into adding it to their food. In this way, they do not have to burn it but they would still have the benefits. You can even give it to your dog, as with the case of many pet owners nationwide. However, what should you give to your beloved animal? CBD in oil and treats may have similar effects, but they can be different in effectiveness and efficiency. Because CBD oil for dogs is available in the market besides other dog treats.

Is Oil Really Best?

One of the first ways of giving CBD to an animal is through oil. It is the most available one compared to the treats because they are everywhere. Most shops in the states where cannabis use is available would have this in stock. On websites such as the Pet Hemp Company, you can even find multitudes of options to choose from. As it is also used by humans, this should not be surprising at all.

It is usually administered using a dropper, which is the same for humans. The dosage will depend on the dog’s size, as it is correlated to how much they can take. Some dogs might not even take it at all, but this varies amongst the breeds and the animals themselves. You can help by giving it drop by drop.

Unfortunately, this can also lead to wasting the product in the process. As we have mentioned before, not all dogs will take the CBD oil easily as with anything new. They might not even like it and would probably just spit out the oil. It would be best to mix it in with their food, but its benefits might get lost with the others.

Give Them A Treat, Instead!

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On the other hand, it is so much better to just hide the CBD in their treats. They are usually so much easier to give because the dog will associate it with food and other good things. Most of these treats are also made from organic products that are safe and healthy for animal consumption.

Another aspect that makes treats the superior option is storage. It is easy to just put them in a zip lock bag and stored in a freezer or cool dry place. With oil, you need to be careful since they are usually in vials and they can break. It is already a bit pricey, so you want to get the bang out of your buck as much as possible.

Meanwhile, it is important to choose the right treatment for your dog. First off, it should be made for animal consumption. You do not want to give human edibles to the dog since they would not appreciate it. Also, it is going to be a waste to give them the edibles in that way. If you want to give them a treat, then buy one that is meant for them.

It is also important to give them treats that only have pure cannabidiol on them. Other compounds found in cannabis like THC are alright for humans. However, they can be toxic to the dogs and would possibly end their life. Always check the label before buying anything as some products would claim it even if the truth was otherwise. Read more about it in this link:

Lastly, it is crucial to visit your vet often. We have already heard of the benefits of giving cannabis to your dogs. However, there is still a lot of room for research to explore. CBD is great for these animals but there are some things that we need to be sure of. It is always a case to case basis, so ask your vet before giving your dog some CBD.

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