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These Celebs Have Unique Talents, What Are Yours?

Do you have a unique talent?

dog tricks

Everybody does! November 24th is Unique Talent Day so take some time out of your day to celebrate that talent and show the world your inner weirdness! Whether you can play guitar with your feet or perfectly imitate a duck call, we all have something to be proud of so share it with the world! Perhaps you can make a video on the web or perform in the middle of the street; you never know,, the right person could be watching!

You may think your talent is “too unique or weird” to showcase, but it’s not. Even your favourite celebrities have “weird” or odd talents that you didn’t know about. Check out our list three celebs who celebrate their unique talent.

Ellen Page

The Juno star (and Canadian native!) learned to juggle after growing up on film sets. When she had nothing to do in between takes and boredom strikes, Ellen Page discovered her unique talent.

Justin Bieber

The Canadian native and Boyfriend singer can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 84 seconds!

Austin Mahone

Singer and former Faze cover boy has a hidden talent of beat boxing!

If celebrities can embrace their unique talents, so can you! November 24th is your day. Showcase that talent!


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