Cellphone Review: HTC Touch

HTC Touch Cellphone

Review unit: HTC Touch from Rogers Wireless


What it is:

The HTC Touch is the newest multimedia smartphone to come to Canada featuring a full touchscreen interface. The Touch runs on Windows Mobile 6 and also includes a 2MP camera, Bluetooth® 2.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. As well, it comes with a 1GB Micro SD card (expandable up to 4GB) to store your music, photos, videos, emails and any other files.

What’s good about it:

The HTC Touch is an incredibly sleek phone that is surprisingly easy to navigate with its custom TouchFLO navigation system. The inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity is a great feature, allowing you to download emails, surf the internet and chat on MSN Messenger, without having to eat into your cell phone’s data plan. The addition of the stylus helps to maneuver around the touchscreen the times when using your fingers can be cumbersome.

What’s NOT so good about it:

While navigating the touch screen phone is fairly easy, a slider keyboard would have been nice, particularly for those who expect to be typing a lot of messages. Also, it can be a little sluggish when running multiple applications.

HTC Touch Cellphone

What’s the verdict:

The HTC Touch does a great job of bridging the gap between a multimedia phone and a more professional smartphone. Full Outlook integration (not just contact lists and push emails) as well as a full selection of Windows Mobile 6 applications ensure that you’ll always have everything that you need on hand, while its music, photo and video player (which look great on the 2.8” LCD screen) satisfy all of your entertainment needs. Measuring a measly 100 x 58 x 14mm (slightly larger than a Motorola RAZR V3) the HTC Touch is the perfect phone for those who want to have a powerful handheld device without it being too bulky.


Rogers Wireless

$200 on a 3-year term
$350 on a 2-year term
$400 on a 1-year term
$400 no term


HTC Website:


Written by Faze contributor Adam Cameron

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