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8 Characteristics Of Boss Ladies

Are you a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, dream big, speak things into existence and defend her rights?

Then you’re not unaccustomed to the typical remarks from some people who ask us to tone down our assertiveness and aggressiveness, and to curb our desire for leadership positions, i.e being a boss.

As much as one would prefer otherwise, confident women still do not receive all the credit and recognition they deserve. If you consider yourself a misunderstood, independent woman, the following probably describes you.

1. Honest

When you speak the hard truth, people can’t believe what just came out of your mouth. You tell it as it is because you know you’re telling the truth. You see no point in mincing your words. Every time you make a comment about the very thing around which everyone else in the conversation is tentatively dancing around,  your friends look at you and say, “I can’t believe you just said that.” Why can’t they? They were thinking the same thing. You’re just being honest.

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2. Outspoken

You stand by your opinion. This means you will go to the ends of earth to prove your point, and sometimes this makes you seem like a mean and aggressive person. There is not anything wrong with giving your opinion and defending it. If they can try to persuade you to think differently about a topic, why can’t you do the same? People should be judging the strength of your arguments — not your character.

3. Assertive

Sometimes it feels like you can’t ask anyone to do anything for you without being labeled a bossy _____ (I’ll let you fill in the blank). People can be intimidated by female leaders. You may have experienced this while being a team leader at school, university, or your workplace. Whatever the setting, you’re the leader, and as the leader, you will make some decisions followed by some demands. It’s normal and expected of you, but for some reason, your teammates don’t believe so. Sometimes, it’s not enough to say “please” and “thank you.” In a team, everyone has a role and a set of duties to complete, so if the team leader says “I need you to have this project completed by end-of-day Monday,” people shouldn’t interpret it as a display of dominance, it’s simply a request the team should fulfill.

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4. Ambitious

You have ambitious dreams, to the point where people look at you like you’re crazy for believing that you can achieve these high goals of yours. Unfortunately, sometimes, your friends decide to give you a reality check, instead of commending you for being courageous enough to think of these big goals. Maybe they’re just too afraid to dream big out of fear of failure. Just continue aiming high and speaking things into existence. The more you think about it, the more you’ll chase after your dreams, and the higher your chances are at achieving most of them.

5. Work-minded

If you’re a boss lady, chances are you constantly hear these two phrases: “You work all the time and you never hang out with us,” or, “Do you even have a life?” Of course you have a life, it just consists of different priorities. In your case, you focus on your career, rest, and then focus again on your career. You have big goals to achieve and they’re going to happen if you  work hard—even if that means working all the time. Your friends may think that you don’t want to hang out with them, but obviously that’s not the case—you’re just extremely busy. Sure, you can stop for a minute to enjoy life, but you’d rather spend your valuable time and energy building an empire of success. You plan to enjoy life later on. For now though, working hard is as much fun as it gets in your life. Success and continuous accomplishments are all you need right now. You’ll party later!

6. Aggressive

You don’t let people run all over you—you’re not afraid to attack back if someone decides to do you wrong. How does that make you an evil person? It doesn’t. Why should you have to let people disrespect you or take advantage of you without standing up for yourself? You shouldn’t.   The challenge you have is to act aggressively and stand up for yourself and maintain your integrity rather than act on old instincts like meanness and gossip. Defend yourself when you feel the need, instead of allowing it to fester.

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7. Authoritative

You’re always the leader in every situation. You may not necessarily want to lead, but people just look to you for help. You draw this attention to yourself because of your confident and secure demeanour. Sometimes, you want to be lead yourself, but that’s rarely the case. Your preference is to lead others. Funny how you’re constantly made aware of your sassy attitude, and yet you still end up in the leadership positions.

8. Independent

You’re very impatient with slow and lazy people. You’re a quick learner, and you tend to get the job done right away, while exceeding the expectations. Needless to say, it’s difficult for you to work with slow, overly calm and confused people. You simply have zero tolerance for people who aren’t on top of everything—especially if their work will have an impact on you or your reputation in the slightest manner. That’s why, in most cases, you prefer to work independently. By the time you ask these people to get something done for you, elaborately explain everything (twice or more) and continue to check up on their progress—even after their deadline has passed—you could’ve simply done everything on your own and avoided wasting so much of your time.

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The struggle is real ladies! But then again, you’re strong, independent and confident women who can overcome all obstacles. Just continue working hard and thriving to demolish the misrepresentations out there. Be proud of who you are and work toward your success!

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