A Chat With British Teen Author, Beth Reekles

After getting millions of views on the online publishing site Wattpad, 17-year-old Beth Reekles published her first book, The Kissing Booth.

The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles

About the Book: The Kissing Booth follows never-been-kissed, high school student Rochelle “Elle” Evans and her best friend Lee Flynn. After planning an innocent kissing booth for the school carnival, Elle finally receives her first kiss from none other than Lee’s bad-boy brother Noah. Afraid of hurting Lee, Elle keeps the kiss and her new-found relationship a secret. But can Elle and Lee’s friendship, along with her relationship with Noah, last with this big secret in the way?

Faze caught up with the teen sensation to talk about her success.

What inspired you to write a novel?
I started The Kissing Booth out of boredom; I was looking for something to read and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t vampires or werewolves—so I wrote the book I wanted to read: a regular high-school romance.

Have you always wanted to become an author?
When I was younger, I thought it’d be really cool, but the last few years, as I looked into it more seriously after getting so much great feedback about my writing online, I realized how difficult it can be to break into the industry—but that didn’t stop me from hoping to be an author one day!

Are there any authors that have inspired you?
I adore Sarah Dessen, John Green and Alyson Noel as YA authors, and I think they’ve all really inspired me; they all write such fantastic books, that whenever I finish one, I get the urge to go write something for myself!

What should fans expect next from you?
My next book, Rolling Dice, is out in a few week. It’s a YA romance, like The Kissing Booth, but a very different storyline. I’m working on a third book, too, again in the same genre. I’ve been writing for so long, I don’t think it’s something I could ever stop doing, published or not!

Do you have any advice for teens your age wanting to succeed in the business?
I think that other teens who want to write should just write. Write whatever you want and as much as you want. You don’t have to show it to anybody if you don’t want to, but they say practice makes perfect!


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