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Our Chat With Ross Lynch Star Of “Teen Beach Movie”

Disney is taking us back to the 60’s with the musical, Teen Beach Movie.


Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie “Mac” (Maia Mitchell) find themselves in the middle of a storm that mysteriously takes them back to a classic, ‘60s beach party movie, Wet Side Story. Once there, it’s the surfers versus the bikers and they’re battling it out in musicals for control of the beach hangout. At first it’s all fun and games because Brady is dancing and singing along to his favourite songs from his favourite movie! However, the plot turns when Lela (Grace Phipps) falls in love with Brady, and Tanner (Garrett Clayton) falls in love with Mac, instead of with each other. Brady and Mac try to help these two star-crossed lovers find their destiny so that they can go back home or else they could be stuck in the 60’s musical forever.

Faze caught up with Ross Lynch (also a founding member of R5) to talk about his role as Brady, his acting career and what’s next for this acting, singing and dancing superstar.


What is the character of Brady like?

Ross Lynch:  Brady is the boyfriend of McKenzie who is played by Maia Mitchell. He is a very chill, surfer dude. He has a very go-with-the-flow attitude and he’s a very loveable guy.

Would you say that he’s anything like you in real life? Do you share any qualities?

RL:  We both share a love for musicals and music. But I’ve also grown to like surfing, which Brady is the King of. I’m also a go with-the-flow kind of guy.


What was your first introduction to acting?

RL:  My first job was a student show for college—UCLA. My name was Rowling and that was really cool because it was my first kiss that I ever had and it was on screen for that short film. That was really fun because the audition process was really cool; basically it was all improv. I really like improv because whatever you think, you say, and you’re always on your toes.

What would your dream role be?

teen-beach-movieRL:  I want to do every film. Every film ever made I would love to do it. The role for me right now is something that is very out there. I don’t want to be a stereotype where people will say “Ross is your typical surfer dude,” so I think that my next movie should be like something more like what Johnny Depp would play.

What advice would you give to aspiring actors who are trying to break into the acting industry?

RL:  Obviously don’t give up—that’s a huge one! As far as advice; get in front of the camera, read scripts, do improv, keep in front of a mirror and practice funny faces, practice make-up for different faces and even write. Writing scripts gives you a different perspective. Do as much as you can and try to learn as much as you can.

What’s next for you?

RL: We just finished completing our new R5 album, so that’s very exciting. We are going to London, Paris, Prince Edward Island and Australia. We are also playing the Big Ticket Summer for the Family Channel which is very exciting [Our R5 concert review here]. We are going to start filming Austin & Aly in a few weeks. I just keep it going—just riding the wave!

Check it out the trailer!

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