Chatting With Charlie About “Ghosts”

The Next Star winner and Some Assembly Required star, Charlie Storwick, is a jack of all trades. Faze caught up with this talented singer and actor to chat about her rise to fame as a YTV superstar and the release of her new single “Ghosts.”

“From a very young age I just knew.  I’ve always loved music. I started playing piano at the age of seven by ear and I grew up in such a musical household,” Charlie shares. “Every time I turned on the radio, I wanted to be the singer on the radio.” She often listened to Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Green Day and a little bit of Hilary Duff–because who doesn’t love Hilary Duff?

Since then she auditioned for The Next Star, created her first music video “Good as Gone” and won the competition! “It was like a 12 year old’s dream! I had never done anything like that before,” Charlie says as she reflects on the day she shot her first music video. “I showed up and there was a big, beautiful white room set up with tons of cameras and then they told me that I’m going to paint this room by throwing paint at the walls.” Being on The Next Star really helped Charlie to prepare for her future; she says “it was great training for what I want to do in the future. It was like a pre-pop star boot camp and I really appreciate all of the skills they taught me.”

Right after The Next Star, she had an agent reach out to her. “I have never really considered doing film acting, I’ve always loved it though,” she says referring to Some Assembly Required. In the summer she would take acting classes, so when an agent contacted Charlie she thought it was a cool idea. “I could bridge acting and singing and have two skills,” she explains. Since she landed the role as Piper she has been obsessed! “I’m falling more and more in love with it every day” she says. “I love music and I love doing acting because they both challenge you in different ways–and I love being challenged.”

Soon after Charlie released a new single. “I actually wrote the concept for ‘Ghosts’ a couple years ago,” she spills. The song is inspired by a true life experience; “I was sitting in my house, alone, and it was late at night. I was playing my keyboard and then I heard a loud noise. I got a little startled, and I was thinking what happens after that and then I let my imagination run wild.” She then started punching in all of these ghost related lyrics and photography words into her phone. Shortly after, she had the opportunity to work in the studio and there they got to make this idea come to life. “It was a dream come true that something so small like that could be made into a beautiful song,” Charlie shares.

Coming full circle, Charlie performed “Ghosts” on YTVs The Zone for the first time ever as an acoustic set; “I was really excited to be able to share that with YTV because that’s where I started, it was a big moment.” Charlie’s experience so far has been a dream come true, we can’t wait to see what this multi-talented sweetheart will be up too next!

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