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Chill Out In Some Fun And Casual Winter Fashion

Read the original accompanying print article for this photo shoot: Are You Stylish or Trendy?

Photographer: James White | Stylist: Jayne Rae
Student Models Sasha Kraus, Akina Lalla, Erin Parnell, and Corey Young
Many thanks to York Mills C.I., Toronto for hosting

With cold weather fast approaching, it’s time to dig into your closets for the sweaters, coats and boots. Or freshen things up with a few new pieces for your winter fashion look.

A couple basic tips to putting together your everyday winter style:
1) Think in layers, you’ll love taking off a layer or putting one back on as needed.
2) Go for casual, fun looks that can handle a little romp in the snow.

Best Friends

Casual Winter Fashion

Sasha is wearing:
Jean Machine, Guido & Mary Jeans, $149.95
Bluenotes, Nat’l Velvet Long sleeved T, $24.50
Bluenotes, Sofia Sweater, $49.50
Jean Machine, Puma Purse, $14.95
Bluenotes, Hat, $19.50
Skechers, Freewheels Shoes, $90.00

Erin is wearing:
Powder Room, Fuel Cord Skirt, $49.98
Jean Machine, London Tunic, $34.95 Bluenotes, Nat’l Velvet Scarf, $22.50
Claires, Ring, $8.99
Bluenotes, Necklace, $10.00
Skechers, Inspire Shoes, $100.00

Casual Winter Fashion

All Smiles

Casual Winter Fashion

Akina is wearing:
Jean Machine, Parasuco Jeans, $109.95
Bluenotes, Belt, $22.50
Bluenotes, Nutcracker Tee, $19.50
Bluenotes, Nat’l Velvet Shirt, $34.50
Claires, Watch, $18.99
Bluenotes, Sofia Hat, $16.50
Skechers, Foxy Boots, $120.00

Corey is wearing:
Billabong, Tuff Jeans, $36.00
Bluenotes, Tee, $19.50
Bluenotes, Shirt, $39.50
Bluenotes, Belt, $24.50
Skechers, Carper Shoes, $110.00.

Casual Winter Fashion

Warming Up To Each Other

Casual Winter Fashion

Corey is wearing:
H&M, Shirt, $39.90
Bluenotes, Pants, $49.50
Skechers, Release Shoes, $110.00

Erin is wearing:

Bluenotes, Sofia Kilt, $39.50
Bluenotes, Sweater, $44.50
Bluenotes, Nat’l Velvet, Shirt, $34.50
Jean Machine, Poire cell phone case, $14.95 Bluenotes, Tights, $10.00
Claires, Ring, $11.99
Bluenotes, Earrings, $8.00
Skechers, Gossips Pumps, $70.00

Casual Winter Fashion

Ready To Chill

Casual Winter Fashion

Erin is wearing:
Bluenotes, Cords, $49.50
H&M, Tee, $16.90
Powder Room, Lucky Zip Up Jacket, $44.98
Powder Room, Flurry Vest, $ 94.98
Skechers, Spokes Shoes, $80.00
Bluenotes, Earrings, $6.50

Corey is wearing:
Bluenotes, Jake jeans, $49.50
Jean Machine, Triple Five Soul Hoodie,$120 Bluenotes, Ski Vest, $44.50
Billabong, Woodstock Tee, $15.00
Bluenotes, Hat, $16.50
Bluenotes, Belt, $18.50
Skechers, Woodstock Shoes, $110.00

Sasha is wearing:
Bluenotes, Paige Jeans, $54.50
Jean Machine, Belt, $9.95
H&M, Tee, $14.90
Jean Machine,TripleFiveSoul Zip Jacket, $120 Bluenotes, Parka, $99.00
Bluenotes, Mittens, $12.50
Skechers, Bikers Shoes, $80.00


Read the original accompanying print article for this photo shoot: Are You Stylish or Trendy?

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