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Choosing The Right Pair Of Casual Running Shoes


If you’ve been a homebody for quite some time, it’s probably been a while since you’ve worn your sneakers for any other purpose than exercise. If you think those sneaks are made only for that purpose, you are missing out.

People only wear sneakers or kicks to exercise and participate in strenuous activities back then. However, since brands such as Converse, Nike, Spalding, Vintage Havana, and others exponentially grow in the market, sneakers have been worn for casual and even formal occasions.

Factors To Consider

When it comes to selecting shoes, people tend to believe in others’ preferences rather than try them on their own. Although finding the ideal kicks to style with seems simple enough, it’s not the same when you are finding the perfect footwear suitable to your needs.

Going for style and functionality is easier said than done.

In addition to the style of the shoes, comfort and quality should also be taken into consideration. However, most people don’t realize it until now. Aside from a stylish look, footwear can improve your physical comfort, most especially on your feet. What shoes you wear matters whether you’re going for a walk or a physically strenuous job. Not only will it relieve pressure on your back and spine, but it will make your long days more bearable.

#1) Comfort

The usual mistake people make is buying the wrong footwear. Several studies show that most consumers buy a product without actually trying it out and knowing if it fits right.

In the survey conducted by the College of Podiatry, one of the three adults and half of the women admitted to buying ill-fitting shoes. There may not seem to be much of an issue with shoes fitting being just a little bit tight when you purchase them, but new research has revealed that uncomfortable shoes can be notably harmful. Besides that, having shoes that don’t fit well can give you problems like headaches from deformities (read more) and constant foot pain.

It would help if you tried the following tips before purchasing:

  • Try it out with socks on.
  • Know if you can comfortably walk with it.
  • Don’t purchase if you don’t know your size.
  • Check the inside of the footwear for tags, seams, or any other material that could displease your foot.
  • Examine the soles; they should be sturdy enough to provide support.
  • You should purchase a sneaker that suits your daily activities.
  • Ask the salesperson about the sneakers.
  • Buy in a brand that you already love.

#2) Style And Functionality

There may be a sneaker that is appropriate for any occasion, and there may be a sneaker that is ideal for a specific event. If you’re looking for a versatile pair of sneakers, you can check out stores such as Sculpthouse Vintage Havana and the like. Moreover, when looking for the ideal pair of shoes, consider whether they are the best fit for your way of living.

Running Shoes

Running shoes, or simply athletic shoes, are used generally for stability, support, motion control, and functionality.

Moreover, your arch type and biomechanics will determine which shoe is best for you. To test the shoe if it fits right, one thing to do is trying a one-legged squat by balancing on one leg. Or you can walk and do a little jog with it. It is easy to know if the shoes are right for you because they should feel comfortable right away. Usually, athletes would prefer flatter and more flexible footwear (link:



These kicks with the new stiletto heels are in trend, and so are high-top sneakers. In current streetwear fashion, sneakers like these are commonly regarded as under the heading of ankle support. These were traditionally more widely popular with athletes as it provides additional protection to the foot, making them a good choice if you want to avoid straining your toes. For another thing, high-top sneakers are pretty distinct from other footwear, making them the ideal footwear for styling. Those shoes are more pleasant to wear, which gives you the different qualities of the perfect pair of footwear.



They’re always popular because they’re practical and stylish, and they never go out of style. These new elements have expandable counterparts with their basic features. Low-top sneakers are also very versatile and complimentary, fitting in with any type of casual attire. You can wear it with either flare-leg or skinny-leg bottoms.

Girls can also put it on with a skirt or a simple dress. Low-top sneakers also allow you to move more freely than any other.


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