Cleaning Your Aquarium: A Tank Vacuum Is A Must-Have Tool

cleaning your aquarium

The leading killer and cause of disease among freshwater fish is stress due to certain factors related to its habitat. Maintaining proper general cleanliness on your aquarium tank will significantly go a long way in reducing stress levels associated with this kind of marine life. The whole process of cleaning and removing any unwanted or uneaten food from the substrate can be a doubting task, more importantly, because you do not want to offset the balance and chemistry in the water.

Aquarium vacuum comes in handy, especially when you want to maintain a certain ecosystem in your aquarium. First of all, you reap some solid benefits from using an aquarium vacuum compared to another person using a different approach altogether. Aquarium vacuum is critical in maintaining a healthy community of fish in your aquarium.

For anyone out there wondering what an aquarium vacuum is: it can be described as a plastic tube that is slightly rigid and attached to a siphon tube on the other end. There are various types of aquarium vacuum based on the siphon attached to it. There are two main types of aquarium vacuum systems;  manual siphon-operated gravel cleaning and an electric version of the same basic setup. Your vacuum choice depends on several factors, most importantly, your aquarium size and then your taste.

Whether it’s an electric or manually operated aquarium vac, this machine’s sole purpose is to help remove any debris on the floor of your substrate. The working behind this machine is quite simple as it works by churning the gravel on the substrate’s surface, which in turn dislodges any waste material that could be trapped.

An aquarium vacuum is a very critical machine, especially when it comes to maintaining your water quality. Fish, especially freshwater ones, are highly susceptible to pollutants in your water. Pollutants in your water damage its quality, and with an aquarium vacuum, your work becomes even easier. With a properly vacuumed aquarium, the intervals at which you have to change the aquarium’s water reduces and the filtration workload.

aquarium vacuum

The choice of your aquarium vacuum depends most importantly on the size of your tank.

A manually operated vacuum tends to be tiresome when cleaning a large tank. Here is a must and highly rated aquarium vacuum cleaner you might be interested in for various reasons listed below.

Jeeco Aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner is one of its kind due to the features this machine comes integrated with for easier management and operation. First, this aquarium vacuum cleaner comes with an air pressing and water flow controller that makes the machine flexible and easier to operate. The water flow controller allows you to optimize the flow of water while cleaning or changing the water.

Secondly, what makes this a must-have vacuum is that it’s a multifunctional 5 in 1 vacuum. This machine can clean sand, scrape algae, change the water, absorb excrement and at the same time rake sand. By doing all these, you avoid dipping your hand in the aquarium water and the spillage water is greatly reduced if any.

Jeeco 5 comes ready to fix water inlet and outlet tubes that measure approximately 2 *15 inches. If your water source is slightly far, you can combine these tubes to increase the tubes’ length. These tubes are not designed to work in one kind of fish tank, but they are universal and can connect with any aquarium tank and work perfectly.

All the pieces of equipment and parts associated with these vacuum cleaners are easy to assemble and use. Most of its parts are made up of plastic, so you should not worry about rust or leaving metal deposits in your tank.

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