5 Clever Balcony Design Solutions To Make The Most Of The Monsoon Season

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If you are living in a landlocked country, and not on an Island or near the freshness of a coastal breeze, the monsoon will be a great season for you to enjoy as you likely have not had many chances to go to a beach and relax, especially in the last couple of years. This statement will be particularly true for rain lovers – as other people may love a bit of rain as a nice way to cool down but don’t necessarily like entire days (and weeks) full of rain. So, whether you love the monsoon rains or not, enjoying your balcony during this season can become a challenge for you. The following clever balcony design solutions can help you to beat the challenge and make the most of the monsoon.  

1. Cover Up Your Exposed Balcony

 If your balcony is designed to enjoy the open sunny sky, you can cover it up right before the arrival of monsoon season. You have a variety of coverage options from flexible and retractable fabric awning to lean-tos structure and full-roof cover. 

balcony patio furniture

If you don’t want rain or sunlight to shower you, a retractable cover on the top and a glass railing from Railing Toronto on the edge of the space will be a great option for you, you can extend or retract the cover when needed. The acrylic-coated synthetic fabrics-made cover comes in a variety of colors, you can make a match with your home exterior but the cover might not be able to withstand high winds. On the other hand, a lean-to structure is a permanent yet affordable option of a variety of designs and colors available in PVC sheets and fabrics. You can easily remove it if you want to change your balcony design later. A full-roof cover is the most expensive and durable option, the use of tinted glass will prevent harmful UV rays and give the same balcony view as earlier. 

2. Use Outdoor Blinds

Having your balcony covered on the top, if you don’t want to let the rain slideway your room, outdoor blinds can give you the proper utilities instead of a glass cage.  Designed to be sturdy and durable, fit in different weather conditions, have a variety of finishes that can impress your tastes. You can choose one that offers a great fit in your home exterior. 

balcony patio furniture

Bamboo blinds are another great option for outdoor blinds, it is an alternative to the PVC blinds. With Bamboo blinds, you can have the same natural look as your balcony and have a tropical vibe there. But it has its downside too, the bamboo blinds can block light on a sunny day that can make your space darker than you want. On a rainy day, you can find a little difference between bamboo and PVC blinds. Bamboo or wood-made blinds are also waterproof and long-lasting.

3. Have Good Quality Furniture On Your Balcony

You may find it great having your balcony with no blinds, waterproof furniture can make a big difference in this case. A variety of furniture options are there,  you can choose one from. If you choose wooden furniture, make sure that the furniture has waterproof polish. Alternatively, you can use a bright color in the furniture and durable paints on the exterior.  Synthetic rattan furniture made with resin or PVC has also been commonly used in balconies, this furniture is a good fit in all weather and is very lightweight and rust-proof. 

Wrought-iron furniture can be your next best option for furniture to be used on a balcony. They are hardy, unshakable, and have the ability to withstand rough climate conditions. Iron-made furniture would be heavy in weight normally, stay alert while choosing your piece. If you don’t take care of your furniture, it can rust easily through paint leakage. 

balcony patio furniture

4. Weather Proof Fabrics

Your outdoor upholstery needs extra care than your indoor ones as they locate in open places. The fabrics of that upholstery must be mildew resistant and water-proof, also make sure that it is solution-dyed acrylic fabrics that are moisture-proof. There are materials that allow water to flow through like polyurethane foam, use to make upholstery cushions. Upholstery made of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene is durable and resistant to water and moisture. You don’t need to follow regular maintenance for it, cleaning the items is also much easier than other upholstery. This can bring a more gorgeous look to your outdoor space and let you enjoy the monsoon tension-free.  

5. Ensure Storage

Surely, you won’t love sitting on a wet cushion suddenly, why not leave smart storage on your balcony and put the cushion there when they are not in use. If you can do so, your cushions won’t hold moisture and no pests could make it their house. No worry whether the storage is water-proof or not, just keep it under the roof so that rainwater can’t reach it. To avoid getting your balcony to be a pool, give your drain pipes a once-over. And finally, ensure that your plants are enjoying the rain as much as they can.

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Normally we love and enjoy it when it’s raining but during monsoon, this might make you bored when it will rain days long. You can choose any of the solutions and have your balcony as you want it to be to make the most of the monsoon. 

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