Canadian Music Week Interview With T Mills

Travis T Mills

The 22-year-old California “hip-pop” artist T. Mills (aka Travis Tatum Mills) stopped by MuchMusic on March 22 to perform his hits “She Got A” and “Vans On,” making his live television debut during Canadian Music Week. He also performed at Parts & Labour and The Opera House before heading off to his next stop in Montreal. Rocking a leather jacket, red Vans and a whole lot of swag, T. Mills chatted with Faze about today’s music industry.

T. Mills, who started out at 19 years old with his own recordings on a MacBook, has come a long way. And he thanks social media for that, with the impact of Myspace (back when Myspace was huge), Twitter and Facebook.

“We live in a time when the internet is breaking artists, not the radio anymore,” says T. Mills. And with youth having such a huge influence on the industry, there are more opportunities than ever before.

“I feel that music is in such a good state right now. It’s our time for young musicians and artists to come together. Music right now is up for the taking and we’re kind of redefining the way that the music industry works,” says T. Mills. “I feel it’s important/amazing that our generation has the opportunity to restructure everything and do it our way. I feel like we really have to take advantage of that.”

So what’s up next for Travis Mills? He’ll be touring a lot and producing more videos for YouTube, but plans on coming back to Toronto in the summer.
Until then, you can follow him on Twitter @travismills and find him on Facebook (

Travis T Mills

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