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Make Your Voice Heard: Comment Now On The Draft Global Youth Declaration Of Kindness

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The “#KindnessMatters for the SDGs” campaign aims to mobilize global youth to bring kindness into every aspect of life in order to create a better, more sustainable future for everyone and to usher in an International Day of Kindness for Humanity

The #KindnessMatters campaign is in full force. Today’s youth is set to lead the way—to show the world how transformative, selfless acts of kindness can impact lives. Prior to this year’s upcoming virtual World Youth Conference on Kindness, your voice is needed. Youth Leaders from around the world will finalize the New Delhi Declaration of Kindness for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and begin the campaign for an International Day of Kindness for Humanity. The Declaration has not yet been finalized. It is not too late to submit your thoughts and ideas. It is not too late to act. Take the time to contribute to this seminal document.

On October 24 and 25, 2020, UNESCO MGIEP and global partners will host the 2nd World Youth Conference on Kindness centred on the theme Kindness for Co-existence: ‘Learning to Live Together’, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the UN and to re-affirm the central role of empathy, compassion, and kindness to achieve the SDGs. — UNESCO MGIEP


The voices of approximately 1,200 young people from around the world have already been taken into account in the formation of the Declaration draft. All youth have the right to have their voices heard. And it’s not too late to contribute before the document is finalized on October 25, 2020.

UNESCO MGIEP and the Global Youth Alliance for Kindness (GYAK) are calling on the world’s youth to expand this cultural movement where every young person’s selfless acts matters by:

  1. Reviewing the draft Declaration
  2. Submitting a comment, solution, idea, hope, dream , or aspiration
  3. Registering to attend the 2nd Kindness Conference
  4. Joining the Global Youth Alliance for Kindness

After the Declaration is adopted at the 2nd Kindness Conference, UNESCO MGIEP and GYAK will work with UNESCO Member States to create a new UN International Day of Kindness. — UNESCO MGIEP conference website

Be brave. Be counted. Pave the way.

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What are the SDGs?

Five years ago, member states of the United Nations created and adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet no global plan to realize these goals was ever initiated, leaving the method of achievement up to each country.  As such, the lack of any unified action left gaps.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

link to UN sustainable development goals

UNESCO MGIEP stepped forward to fill those gaps. They launched the much-needed Global Youth “#KindnessMatters for the SDGs” campaign in order to unite the world.

Take Action
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Throughout history people have tried to create a utopian society of love and peace filled with blue skies, clean water, abundant food, and lush forests. The earth’s current climate of widespread pollution, famine, poverty, and illness is one gigantic failure. However, there is hope … there is always hope. Through your voice, the truth can be heard. Through your action, peace can be instituted. Through your kindness, we can unite. And together it is possible to build a world we can all be proud of. This is the time to act. 

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