Comparing Cybersports And Real Physical Sports

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Cybersports are growing more rapidly than any other sports in a number of ways. Moreover, there is a rapid development of everything related to cybersports: players, coaches, equipment, websites, web streaming services, and even online bookmakers with specialized sectors for esports betting online. Why is this the case?

Sports vs. cybersports

Football, hockey and basketball have been long established as the most popular sports in North America, with soccer leading in most of the rest of the world. Now we can safely add cybersports to this list. Indeed, cybersport already gathers hundreds and thousands of fans in sports stadiums and arenas in many large cities around the world, and millions of people are watching online, despite language differences (translations are often provided).

As an example to indicate the growing prominence of e-sports, on the site of bookmaker Vulkan Bet, the section for betting on a variety of cybersports is becoming popular at a fantastic rate.

Cyber sports are attractive not only due to their spectacle and playability, but also because they have no limits. The borders of conventional sports are getting increasingly blurred, and now people are already talking about integrating cybersports into the Olympics and making them as part of the high school program, and we’ve even seen e-sports sections and facilities at high-end country clubs in North America.

The total number of views

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The audience between the ages of 16 and 24 has risen 60 percent from 2017, contributing to the fast rate of growth in the burgeoning cyber scene. Worldwide viewership figures are predicted to increase to 276 million viewers. Attendance at tournaments on League of Legends is often higher than that of some major leagues:

  • NHL Stanley Cup Finals: 11 million viewers
  • NBA Finals: 32 million viewers
  • MLB World Series: 38 million viewers
  • League of Legends: 58 millions viewers
  • NFL Super Bowl: 124 millions viewers

Although the audience may outnumber those of established professional Leagues, it has not yet increased in monetization terms. Nevertheless, this issue is now growing well enough to be considered a challenge to more traditional leagues.

Cybersport championships

No sooner has The International 2021 for Dota 2 died down than another massive esport betting tournament looms ahead. In the next two weeks everyone will be watching the main Counter-Strike tournament – PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The contest will be held from October 26 to November 7 in Stockholm.

The top teams of the world will be competing for a prize pool of $2 million, so the number of spectators is expected to be as high as that, which indicates the popularity of the match. The International 2021 Grand Final attracted more than 2.7m viewers at its peak. That’s 700,000 more than at TI9.

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Sports championships

Representatives of the winter sports will meet in Beijing from 4 to 20 February 2022 to compete in 109 sets of Olympic medals. In terms of market potential and revenues from any bookmaker, these events will not lose out to the cybersports championship.

The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will feature 15 disciplines. Sport is evolving rapidly, that’s why new disciplines have been added, specifically:

  • women’s bobsleigh singles
  • freestyle competitions in big air
  • Mixed relay in short track speed skating
  • Mixed freestyle team events in tumbling
  • ski jumping and snowboard cross

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