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Complete Buyer’s Guide For The Best Car Seats Designed For Dogs

dog car seats

It has been proven that dogs truly are a human’s best friend. Studies have shown that modern Millennials will much rather spend money on their canine pets, than on their own friends or family.

With these statistics driving the doggy accessory industry into the billions, you will be able to find absolutely anything for your little furry friend. This includes functional and protective car seats for dogs.

Even though most canine owners consider leashes, tracking chips, and the best diet for their pets, not many know the advantages of getting a decent car seat for your pup.


The main purpose of a pup booster seat or dog seat is that it provides much needed safety, protection, and comfort while commuting. When dogs are still pups, it’s easy to put them in a kennel while being transported.

However, as they grow older it gets much more difficult to control them, especially in a car. The American Automobile Association has reported that one out of five pooch owners have to stop their pets from climbing from the backseat to the front. Leaving them to roam freely around is dangerous and can cause an accident.

Unless your canine is extremely well-trained, you should strongly consider obtaining a functional car seat from the top list of dog car seats


Investing in a quality car seat for your furry friend can be quite mind-boggling. There are a few different factors you have to consider before making the payment.

Convenience and Ease of Use

In the same way in which a toddler’s booster chair should be easy to set up and use, a pet seat should also be convenient. No use in buying a model that is too difficult to set up. When you end up spending a lot of money on something you won’t be using frequently, it will be a waste.

Most booster seats are easy to install and remove by using a simple buckle system. They can fold up when not in use and are easily storable in the trunk or closet.

dog car seats

Durability and Strength

 In the unfortunate case of an accident, your pooch needs to have a chair that will be able to protect it. This is not a product where you can compromise quality over price. Make sure that you look into the material used in strengthening the chair.

There are loads of cheap seats available on the market, but they are wobbly and difficult to use. After a few rides, they tend to break or have parts dislodging from the rest.

Materials used in creating a high-quality unit should be polypropylene, polyester, foam, metal, and other tough plastics.

Check out this clever DIY video if you wanted to create your own durable doggy car seat:

Protection and Safety Features

Since the ultimate purpose of the unit is to protect your dog, it’s important that you check key safety features. Before purchasing you have to find out whether your canine can be safely fastened and restrained to the chair.

Most seats should have comfortable and adjustable leashes to which the dog can be latched. This system should cause the least amount of strain on your canine’s neck and act as a restrainer rather than a choker.

Also, how it is actually attached to the vehicle’s chairs itself. Quality models have a solid system that can be attached to the vehicle’s interior. With a simple weave through of the seat belt and a clip-in lock, the unit is secured. There are doggy seats which have added security by the means of an extra belt that can be attached to the headrest.

dog car seats

Comfort and Size

No doubt, that one of the most fun things for any pooch to do is a long drive in the car. You have to make sure that you make their ride as smooth as possible. Make sure that it’s big enough for them to lay down in comfortably and take a rest, as well as sit up and look at the passing view. If there is a lack of space, your dog will feel uneasy and restless.

Comfort is key. Most doggy car chairs come with a soft blanket like feel to it. Typically made from faux or real sheep’s wool and fleece. You can also add an extra blanket or a fluffy toy to make them feel right at home.

 Extra Features

Yes, doggy booster seats even come with some extra features for extra fancy pooches. Different types are specifically designed for specific cars. Depending on whether you are driving an SUV, a truck, a convertible, or even a motorbike with a side car, there’s a seat to match.

To keep the model clean, buy a unit that is machine washable and easy to clean.

When you have a tiny pooch, you can opt for a model that’s designed to give them an extra boost to peek outside the window. These models are designed as hanging baskets and work perfectly for smaller dogs.

Getting your pooch their own seat for commuting around, will not only prevent accidents from happening. It will also protect your car’s seats from paw scratches and other naughty doggy antics.

By following the above guidelines you’ll be able to make an informed decision when purchasing your pet’s next comfortable car chair.

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