Improve The Complete Health Benefits Of Baby By Feeding Organic Baby Formula 

Baby Formula 

Today, not all mothers can breastfeed because of different life obstacles or health issues. Luckily, parents can buy Kendamil organic formula or its equivalent to satisfy the needs of their babies at different periods of their life. What baby formula can rival breastmilk? What is essential to know about organic food? What health benefits does it provide? Read this article to find the answers.

What Should You Know When Choosing Baby Formula?

New parents hesitate when choosing a baby formula for their newborns. Nobody doubts the value of breast milk, but many formulas cause indigestion and allergic reactions in kids. How should one make the right choice? A good-quality formula has the following characteristics:

  • all ingredients are natural
  • zero allergens
  • a brand guarantees the safety and sterility of the product
  • transparent brand policy (certificates about laboratory tests and quality evidence are introduced on the package)
  • no added sugar, gluten, antibiotics, colorants, stabilizers, etc.
  • most ingredients are organic

Many European brands produce organic baby formulas that meet the above-given characteristics. That’s why HiPP, Holle, and Kendamil belong to top-chosen brands.

Tips to Choose the Best-quality Formula

Speaking about the secrets of a successful choice of baby foods, one should mention the following tips.

  1. First, a perfect formula has an ideal combination of macronutrients and micronutrients.
  2. Second, finding information about the product’s safety is not a problem. As a rule, a client can find it on a package or on the Internet.
  3. Third, one should look for information about clinical trials proving the chosen formula doesn’t cause adverse effects.
  4. Fourth, the chosen brand uses advanced technology and guarantees sterile conditions for baby food production.
  5. Fifth, a brand is reputable and isn’t involved in disputes concerning the formula’s quality and safety.

Finally, organic products are the best because milked cows and goats are healthy, companies don’t spray used vegetables or plants with dangerous chemicals, and one cannot find artificial ingredients on the list of ingredients.

Why Organic Baby Formula is the Best Alternative to Breast Milk

Scientists have spent many years trying to find out the components of breast milk and innovative technologies, letting them reproduce these ingredients with the help of nature. Eventually, they succeeded, and the first organic baby formula appeared on the market. Except for its similarity to breast milk, organic baby formula has several other benefits.

Only healthy ingredients

Some women can drink alcohol, take medicine, or smoke while breastfeeding. The baby formula doesn’t depend on a mother’s lifestyle. Consequently, a baby receives a portion of vitally essential nutrients regularly.

All organic goods are tested

A company cannot get the label ‘organic’ until its products and the manufacturing environment are tested. Independent laboratories take samples of milk and oils, food for milked animals, and secretions of people who are involved in baby food production. If everything is top-level, a company gets the right to place the word ‘organic’ on its goods.

No need for supplements

Some breastfed babies need supplements to thrive. As a rule, parents buy vitamin D3, probiotics, Omega amino acids, and even iron to fulfill the requirements of the growing organism. Most organic baby formulas already have the required elements. Brands add calcium, iron, Omega 3-6, D3, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals to their formulas. So, one shouldn’t worry that a baby can suffer from vitamin deficiency.

Age adaptation

European brands produce formulas for kids of different ages. Parents should pay attention to the stage, where 0+ is for newborns, 1 is for infants, 2 is for 6+ months, 1+ is for kids over 12 months, and 2+ is for kids over 24 months. It means each serving meets a baby’s requirements completely without deficit or proficit of macronutrients or micronutrients.

Lots of choices

Many kids need specific formulas to thrive, such as anti-reflux, hypoallergenic, comfort, for gassy tummies, vegan, and goat milk goods. Luckily, European organic brands make different formulas to help kids with health disorders get the required nutrients safely and without sacrifices from mothers who have to keep to strict diets to avoid babies’ suffering.

Fewer doctor consultations

A pediatrician helps parents choose the right formula to prevent health complications and supply babies with the needed nutrients. Consequently, babies will be healthy, and parents won’t have to ask for a doctor’s consultation frequently. Both parents and the baby win.

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