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Cool Weather Style: Find Your Own Look

Winter fashion looks can be as unique as the people who wear them

winter fashion

Between the music I listen to, Between the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, and my mood swings, you could say I’m fickle. For every change of mood, I have a change of music, and for every time of day, I have a change of clothes. I don’t like being stereotyped into a certain type of person because I think one’s personality should be as diverse as one’s music collection. I love Radiohead as much as I love Nas. Even though they sound nothing like each other, both reach out to me in a way I can identify with. They sing and rap and talk about relevant stuff, things I care about, and issues that bother me. But does this mean my threads have to match my tunes? I think not.

And it’s not necessarily a love affair with an artist just for their music. Sometimes, it’s their attitude that draws me in, sometimes it’s the crazy media stunts they pull. I like J.Lo’s spunky attitude, her hard working nature, and her gorgeous clothes and make up, but I don’t hold the same affection for her music. I like to dress like her when I feel glam but that doesn’t mean I’ll be blasting her tunes.

So, if I’m feeling sentimental, I’d rather listen to In Essence than bang my head to The White Stripes. But if my mother is yelling at me to clean my room, then I’d rather bring out the “Seven Nation Army” to help march me through the rubble that used to be my bedroom floor.

Most importantly, why pledge allegiance to one genre, one type, one style of music when there is so much out there to be discovered? Similarly, why should I subject myself to one type of dress code when there are so many happening styles out there? I think I’d miss out on so much if my entire life was spent being close-minded about other artists, especially now when crossovers and collaborations are bringing out newer, funkier genres of music, which are easier to understand if you know where the artists are coming from. If Elton John and Eminem can appear on the same stage together, why should I have to explain myself to anyone about the marked difference in what I wear versus what I listen to?

Cool looks for cool weather

Cool weather style

Baby Phat Bomber Jacket with Faux Fur Trim Hood, Illicit 416-279-1010, $300
Triple Five Soul Hoodie, Jean Machine, $99
Parasuco Track Pants, Jean Machine, $95
Baby Phat Street Boot, Illicit 416-279- 1010, $130
Black Full Zip Sweater (Sold as part of track suit), Akademiks, $240
Charcoal Tee, Akademiks, $29
Cargo Jeans, Akademiks, $86
Energy Shoes, Skechers, $100
Cream Turtle Neck, Powder Room, $50
Red Roma Skirt, Modrobes, $50
Trilogy Toque, Powder Room, $15
Hurley Girlie Racer Shoes, West 49, $90

Cool weather style

Trilogy Full Zip Hoodie, Ripzone, $50
Element Varsity Sweater, West 49, $75
Red Star Distressed Canvas Pant, West 49, $60
DC Avenue Shoes, West 49, $160
Parasuco Cardigan, Jean Machine, $70
Parasuco Sheer Top, Jean Machine, $65
Pleated Jean Skirt, Azure, $90
Paul Frank Hat, Jean Machine, $55
Jean/Wool Bag, Azure, $40
Assertive Boots, Skechers, $90

winter fashion -Cool weather style

Photography by Rob Dutchin | Styling by Surya Bhattacharya
Models (Faze interns and friends): Anthony Iaboni, Shabnam Samin, NIcole, Dan, Rebecca Hazell

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