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Coral Creates A Community For Women On YouTube


If you’ve ever been on the search for advice on how to organize your closet, where to find the best fitness spots in the city, or how to get those perfect curls, look no further.

There’s one channel on YouTube that brings all of those topics and many more together in one place. Thanks to the vision of Kit Redmond and with the help of a fantastic team of women, Coral is the ultimate girl’s guide to life.

Interested in DIY projects? There’s a show for you. Want tips for managing your budget? There’s a show for you. Want to know what’s going on in the world of social media? There’s a show for you.

Coral, laptop

Coral is a community for young, urban women to get helpful advice through informative videos hosted by passionate personalities. The channel produces original content five days a week and they’ve recently partnered with Kin Community, the leading multi-channel women’s network on YouTube.

Coral hosted an event in Toronto featuring stations for each of their specialty shows. Each host had a table and was available for questions, demonstrations and good old girl talk. There were food and drinks and it was such a positive atmosphere celebrating a room full of inspirational people. It was a great way to get to know the ladies off-screen.

Be sure to check out all the different shows that Coral has to offer:

BEAUTY, Behind The Beauty with Kristin Lumsden – Direct and simple makeup tutorials to enhance everyday beauty.

BEAUTY, Hairstory with Rose Huggett – Changing the way you think about your hair—fun facts and simple how-to’s for the modern, sassy woman.

HOUSEHOLD, The Domestic Geek with Sara Lynn Cauchon – Tips, tricks and shortcuts for 21st century domesticity (from a star Faze contributor!)


EXERCISE & HEALTH, Get Fit in the City with Eva Redpath – A series that gives you an inside look into how you can get fit in your city — featuring different studios, workouts, methods, and classes (look for our feature on Eva Redpath in our summer issue! Eva has been training the Faze Team for a half-marathon all summer long!)


HEALTH & WELLNESS, Surviving Yoga with Sarah Bolen – Providing insight into the world of yoga to help enhance your practice!

FOOD & HEALTH, The Edgy Veg with Candice Hutchings – A vegan cooking show that takes the boring out of plant-based recipes.


TECH, THIS: The Hot Internet Show with Casie Stewart – Renowned blogger Casie Stewart covers all things social, media, and mobile from in & around the web.

FINANCIAL ADVICE, Money Awesomeness with Shannon Simmons – Financial tips that help make your money situation awesome.


CULTURE: Pinot & Prose with Nataleigh Ballantyne & Lindsay Kidd – Refreshingly honest, funny reviews of empowering books aimed at improving your life.

DIY: DesignHer Co. with Dara Frydman – A fresh and modern DIY show that offers tips and tutorials on fashion accessory and home style projects; none of which include the use of macaroni shells.

Find them at www.youtube.com/thecoralchannel and www.twitter.com/CoralTV.

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