Country Singer-Songwriter And Fashionista Livy Jeanne Is Chasing Her Dreams

Since the age of 15, country singer-songwriter Livy Jeanne knew that she wanted to pursue her career in music. One year later she did one of the hardest things as she took a leap of faith towards her dream; “I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life, singing was the only other thing, besides horses, that made me feel that happy,” she says. “So I sold my horse and put the money towards a record.”

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Livy’s sacrifice paid off. She spent many years in Nashville writing alongside legends like Brian White, Phil Barton and Jeff Cohen just to name a few. She’s also toured with country legends like Brett Kissel and Alan Jackson, released smashing hits on the radio, picked up a few awards and is now releasing her latest album Dashboard Renegade. If you’re only going to listen to one single off the album (which you shouldn’t, duh), Livy advises you take a check out “All Kinds of Crazy” which is the first single off the album. “It’s such a fun and energetic song that makes me smile and instantly makes me dance,” she shares with Faze. “It represents me and gives off the vibe I want people to know me for.” Just in case you are wondering, the vibe is a free-spirited, positive vibe – not a mentally insane kind-of-vibe.

Launching her career at such a young age, Livy offers sound advice for up-and-coming artists everywhere. “Be open minded to everything. Try different songs, write different styles and try new things. You never really know if it’s going to work for you or not until you try,” she says. “Celebrate every victory. No matter what the size, be proud of the little things you accomplish, not just the big ones, because they all add up. Lastly, always be true to yourself. At the end of the day it’s your career and you have to be happy with it. Surround yourself with the people who support the artist you want to be.”

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Did you know that Livy is the only sister to seven brothers? “Actually growing up with seven brothers wasn’t so bad. No hand-me-downs for me. I was always super girly and putting together very, very, very random outfits. I swear gold sparkly shoes matched my red tights.” Being a fashionista at heart, we  had to pick Livy’s brain about her must-have summer picks.

Three on-the-go beauty products you always have in your purse?

I always have perfume, like a roller ball size or travel size. Currently, I’m in love with Elizabeth James Nirvana Black.  I usually have a pink tone lipstick like Mac Angel, Mac Snob or Mac Steady Going. I guess it’s not really a beauty product but I always have hand sanitizer with me in my purse or my makeup bag. Usually a girly scent from Bath and Body Works.

Ideal #OOTDs for:

Your first date: a cute dress with some heels.

Attending a country concert: cut offs, simple V-neck tee with thin chain necklaces, rings and short cowboy style booties.

Cheering on Canadian athletes at the PanAm games: ripped skinny jeans, simple tee, converse shoes and a baseball cap with the Canadian team logo on it.

A girls’ day out in the city: short flouncy black summer dress with a denim shirt tied around my waist, bangles, heeled booties and probably for a bit of colour a bright lip like Mac Candy Yum-Yum.

A road trip with your closest friends: tied up band tee, high-waisted cut offs, black felt hat, shades and short cowboy boots.

 I’d rather wear….

  1. Neon coloured shirts or crop tops: crop tops
  2. Jeans and cowboy boots or floral jumpers: floral jumpers – I hate wearing my jeans tucked into my boots but maybe will bell bottoms coming back I won’t have too!
  3. Mermaid hair or grandma hair: mermaid hair
  4. Dark red lipstick or bright pink lipstick: dark red like Mac Rebel.
  5. Nail art or plain nails: plain nails, I like one solid colour.

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