The Craziest Bachelorette Party Games to Stir the Hens

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A bachelorette party has the potential to leave the most vivid impression of all the various events leading up to the wedding. Often, such parties are planned not for one evening but for the whole weekend. The bride and her friends can go to a spa in a nearby town or go to Vegas to visit bars and casinos. Therefore, bachelorette party games are to be selected appropriately to amuse the girls in the bar.

Classic Bachelorette Party Games to Choose from

First of all, hen parties are held to have fun. A classic bachelorette party usually begins with cocktails, followed by a few bachelorette party games to relax the group and put them in the right mood. So, grab the best bachelorette game ideas and use them whenever you need them.

Never Have I Ever

This game is a great way to bring your girls together! The rules are simple: you need to share some information about yourself, about what you have not done or what has never happened to you. If one of the girls in the crowd did this, she drinks. Moreover, questions can be prepared in advance so that they are as interesting as possible:

  • Make sure everyone has a drink.
  • Read the questions.
  • Drink if you have done so.

Why is it important to choose interesting questions? The fact is that the longer the game is played, the more outspoken the players become. Therefore, make a mix of personal and general issues so that everyone feels involved.

Dirty Pictionary

This is the most wanted of all bachelorette games, and it adapts perfectly to any company. You can easily jump from a dirty theme to a wedding theme — it’s up to you to decide. The most important thing is that the game must begin after a fair amount of cocktails. Otherwise, not all hens will want to play.

Follow the rules:

  • You can print out or simply write on pieces of paper words that relate to the theme of the game.
  • Mix leaves in a hat.
  • Take turns pulling out a clue. The task of every girl is to draw this word.

Talking Tables Prosecco Pong

Let us introduce you to a more complex and glamorous version of regular beer pong – the easiest of bachelorette games everyone will love. The rules are still the same, only simple plastic cups are better replaced with glasses. However, you can leave the original option, but choose a different drink, best suitable for girls.

Truth or Dare?

This game is the best option to liven up the party if you see that the girls are bored. Moreover, it does not involve drinking, so it is suitable even for non-drinking guests. The point of the game is that each participant chooses truth or dare. Depending on the choice, you ask something or give a task that must be completed.

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Bridal Shower vs Bachelorette Party: Are the games the same?

When you are comparing bridal shower vs bachelorette party games they generally have a lot in common. Both events involve noise and fun. But a bachelorette party doesn’t leave much room for games, since guests are already busy with various activities. Also, when choosing bachelorette game ideas, you can look to some of the wildest and craziest entertainment without hesitation.

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