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How To Curb Those Annoying Food Cravings!

We all experience cravings on a daily basis – that donut is literally calling your name, that greasy slice of pizza looks irresistible and you’re on your period so you went on a chocolate haul and plan on eating every single bar.

0912-combat-winter-cravingsBut what if I tell you that your body is trying to tell you something with these cravings? After all, our bodies are amazing bio-computers that rarely makes mistakes. This system of approximately 100 trillion cells is more intricate than that of the next generation super computer. Yup, our bodies are that cool.

All these cells are connected and work together 24/7 to make sure our body is functioning probably as we move, breathe, see, smell and experience hunger.  So how does this relate to cravings? Well, cravings are essential messages sent by our bodies to tell us that something is missing. They are powerful cues that may assist in bringing and maintaining balance.

So next time when the urge to eat something hits you, stop for a minute, and think about what exactly you’re craving. Then using the simple chart below, satisfy your cravings with good for you foods. It’s a win/win situation–your body gets what it needs and you don’t have to beat yourself up for succumbing to your cravings.CravingsFoodChart2


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