D-Pryde: Versatile, Stylistic, Fun, Dramatic And Emotional

D-Pryde is Toronto’s latest rapper to hit the music scene, and we’re getting “lifted” off his lyrics and captivating beats.

D-Pryde-e1335111172649Inspired by Eminem, D-Pryde went online to showcase his original free-verses at the age of 14. He kept putting out new music, and after two mixtapes, he built a massive and loyal online fan base with over 65 million YouTube views.

Performing in Chicago at Lollapalooza was D-Pryde’s big break. “The experience of performing there was great. I had about 500 to 600 people in the crowd at my stage,” he says. “But I would really love to play on the main stage because after I performed, we watched 2Chains, and I saw his stage—he was playing for thousands of people! So it definitely made me want to work harder.” And working harder is exactly what D-Pryde did. In 2013 his single “Lifted” was released on the radio and became an instant hit. “The energy is super fun, and I’m really into singing and rapping at the same time—it brings a good vibe,” D-Pryde explains. “Versatile, stylistic, fun, dramatic and emotional” is how D-Pryde describes his first EP Canal & Richvale, which was announced soon after his radio release. “‘Proud’ is my favourite song on the EP, hands down! It’s my favourite to perform, my favourite to sit back and listen to,” he says.

D-Pryde’s popularity went soaring after the release of his EP, but it’s not affecting him. “I don’t’ think it’ll ever hit me. A lot of people around me still call me by my government name, Russell. To me, I’ll always be Russell—this kid who d-prydeloves to have fun and sing,” says D-Pryde.

After three years of being in the music business, D-Pryde offers timeless advice to anyone trying to reach their goal. “Be yourself and never be afraid to try new things. New things always lead to a success or failure. Even if you fail, you can learn something from that and make a success out of it,” he says. “Always be up for new ideas and never be afraid to show the world your craft because, at the end of the day, even if someone doesn’t like you, there’s someone who does.”

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