Dan Godlin Turned Down Ivy League Offers For Music

Upon graduating high school, Dan Godlin was faced with the decision of whether or not the athletic path was right for him. Despite the Ivy League college offers, he turned them down. “I had the opportunity to pursue it, but I wasn’t feeling it,” he says. “I just knew that I didn’t want to do football forever.”

It was his love of music that took over and he couldn’t be happier with his choice. Now, at the age of 23, he’s working hard to get noticed; he’s living in New York City and has a full-length album and an EP under his belt.

744802-pHis 2013 release of his In Between EP takes a different route from his debut album, Loving on Empty, which focused more on love and relationships. “In Between is really all about the feeling of being stuck in these two worlds: the one you grew up in where you have things set for you through high school and college, and then there’s the real world,” he says. “Nobody really ever talks about this space in between where you graduate from college and you’re like, now what?”

His songs are relatable and incredibly catchy. “I repeat a lot and I like to nail it into your brain until you’re singing it in the shower,” he says. Some of his songs have even made it to the small screen. “Did She Look” debuted on television on Canada’s own Degrassi.  “Every time I watch it, it never gets old,” he says. “I actually have a video of my reaction online.” Since then, his songs have been featured on other shows, including ABC’s Vineyard and E!’s Keeping up with the Kardashians.

He’s especially proud of his track “Summer Roads” because it was his very first single that he both wrote and produced himself. It’s an accomplishment that he’s put a lot of hard work into. “It felt like I was taking a huge leap with my career,” he says. His advice for other aspiring musicians is to pursue your passion and be persistent. “Never give up,” he says. ”My motto is dream big and go after it.”


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