Danny Fernandes On The Rise

Danny Fernandes

Danny Fernandes may seem like a bit of a bad boy—with a motorcycle license and new tattoos on the way—but he’s not all bad: the tattoo is an angel kneeling with a banner reading “Mommy’s Little Angel.”

We spoke to Danny at the Haiti Benefit Concert, where he talked about how amazing the Canadian support has been for the country in need. “Through FLOW 93.5, we did a telethon thing and we actually raised $20,000, and the government matched it and gave another $20,000.”

But this isn’t Danny’s first act of kindness; he’s also involved with World Vision’s 30-hour famine, proving he has nothing less than a heart of gold.

Danny is quickly rising to fame, and is even recognized by McDonald’s employees in the drive-thru; you know you’re successful when you get free fries at the golden arches!

Be sure to check out Danny’s new album, Automatic and his latest single, “Passenger” with DY.

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