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Daphne Blunt: Fashionista On The Rise

Daphne Blunt


17-year-old Daphne Blunt is an American actress, singer, web host and fashionista (obviously!). She currently hosts a fashion web serious called “Look of the Week” where she talks about current fashion trends and shows her viewers how to dress like their favourite fashionistas and celebrities like Bella Thorne, Alli Simpson and Olivia Holt. Daphne also anchors the pop culture news show “The Feed” on Fanlala’s web TV. “I think that my favorite celeb interview was Ariana Grande because I got to interview her right before she got really huge, right around the time ‘The Way’ was extremely popular. I had always loved her style so it was nice to get to chat with her” Daphne shares.

Aiming high, Daphne hopes to achieve her goal of having the interview of her dreams with Karl Largerfeld. “It’s a goal of mine to meet him one day, and who knows maybe we can sip cappuccinos and discuss Chanel’s next collection together” Daphne explains.

In terms of Daphne’s music, she recorded her first pop single “Crush Rush” in 2009, followed by her second single called “Rock n Roll.” More recently, she released her third single “Hello World” on Disney Radio in 2011.

On top everything going on in Daphne’s life, she can also add “blogger extraordinaire” to her already impressive resume! With a busy and successful career in front of her, Daphne offers very practical advice to someone who wants to pursue a career in fashion; “I think it is important to pursue whatever you are passionate in, start a blog, do an internship, take photos, or take a class. If you work hard enough and are good at what you do eventually you will prosper.”

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“My top fashion inspirations are definitely Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham. I also really like Kylie Jenner’s style. I think all of them have mastered that perfect feminine look and they also know how to mix it up and have a little fun with their style too” Daphne tells Faze. With that in mind, let’s check out Daphne’s #OOTD for a first date and heading out to the beach.

Get Her Look - DaphneBlunt2

“Wearing boyfriend jeans not only keeps you looking cute but they keep you comfy for whatever the night may bring. Paring them with a nice wedge heel to dress up the look a bit but it still keeps it cool and casual!”Get Her Look - DaphneBlunt1

“A nice flowy dress is perfect for the beach and it transitions well from the beach to wherever you end up next! Accessorize with a big floppy hat to add some extra drama to the look like Audrey Hepburn!”

Speed Round:

Favourite spring colour:

Pastel pink

Must-have spring accessory:

Floppy hat

The song I cant get out of my head:

“Style” by Taylor Swift

Grossest thing Ive ever eaten:

Chicken livers

I can never leave the house without:


A fashion faux pas:

I really do not like this trend of Birkenstock sandals. I am so sorry but I think they are just hideous — they’re a little too hippy dippy for me. Some people can pull them off but for the most part I do not care for them.

Daphne Blunt

Keep up with Daphne Blunt for more fashion inspiration on her blog.

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