Delicious Pine Cone Jam

pine cone jam

Pine is one of the most common trees in the northern countries. Coniferous air is very useful for everyone. It is good for those who have problems with the respiratory tract. Resin pine needles and buds are widely used in medicine. Pine cones, which are also a pantry of many useful substances, are used not only in medicine but also along with pine needles in the production of perfume oils. They also make jam. 

Trying something new is a great hobby. Especially when you try new food. Unfortunately, you can not always predict whether you like it or not. Anytime you are willing to try out something new, Predict with Tony and you might gain some extra luck. We are going to share some interesting information about pine cones! 

Why Pine Cones Are So Good

Pine is a monoecious plant, so there are both male and female cones on the same tree. Male ones are more like a kidney. They are thin, small in size, and grow in a bunch-spikelet at the base of young twigs. Women’s cone is dense, with emerging ribs and sticky-resinous. It is from them that solid brown cones will then form and it is they that are harvested for making jam.

Pine “products” contain various usefulness. Pine buds have essential oil, tannins, and resin. Soft resin has essential oil and resin acids. Needles have essential oil, resin, ascorbic acid, tannins, and carotene.

It is desirable to harvest cones in the forest, away from the city and highways, since coniferous plants absorb a lot of harmful substances from the air.

Young pine cones are usually harvested from late May to mid-June. 

Even a child can distinguish pine from other conifers. Pine is an evergreen tree and has long soft needles. And how to eat everything that pine produces, we will tell you. For example, you can cook tasty and healthy jams from young cones, and make a vitamin decoction or healing infusion from pine needles.

Cooking Tips For Pine Jam

Pine jam is pink-brown in color and has a honey-resinous flavor. Before cooking, young pine cones are sorted out, debris and needles are removed, and washed in clean water. Proportions are next. You will need 0.3 kilograms of cones per liter of water and a kilogram of sugar. Jam can be made in many ways.

First, you can put raw buds and sugar in water and simmer over low heat for about an hour and a half until the buds are soft. Secondly, you can boil raw cones in ready-made syrup. It will take about the same time, again on low heat. Thirdly, you can boil the cones over high heat until they get soft for about 20 minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon and boil again in the finished syrup. The syrup is also over high heat, about 25 minutes.

You can also make thicker jams. It will depend on whether the proportions are the same. Boil the cones over low heat for about four hours. Then put the pan in a cool place for 10-12 hours. You should get a pinkish jelly. Throw out the cones, add sugar, and boil again until it is completely dissolved.

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