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Designer KARV Develops New Textiles For Spring Collection

“Every day is an adventure in the world of KARV.”

KARV Spring

And for a company whose main goal is to create unique garments and looks, you would not expect anything less. KARV is a well-known, ready-to-wear clothing company that focuses on delivering the latest styles and trends through their innovative and style-savvy collections.

That’s why for their Spring 2013 collection, the KARV designers have been paying special attention to detail. “This specific collection was such a fun time to make,” says Frédéric Tisseur, owner of KARV. “We wanted to bring a new KARV look to table with more mature, sophisticated and little classic touches.” For the new collection they have been playing with details such as metal trim and crotchet, in both men and women’s wear.

Not only have the designers been focusing on ornamentation, but KARV has also developed new denim washes, which has been a trademark of the company over the past couple of years. Frédéric and the team have Karv denim textilesincorporated this trend into their Spring 2013 denim line, they have introduced dimensional, rich washes and coatings for women, while keeping the men’s line rugged and distressed.

Now that the KARV designers have had a taste of textile development, they just can’t seem to get enough. This is why Frédéric says that fabric development has become a first step in the creation process of their collections.

Despite the fact that KARV is constantly innovating and introducing new textiles, they still maintain true to their brand identity and essence. KARV is about taking risks, and this has always been something the brand is proud of. “KARV always try things that other brands would not do,” Frédéric says. “This might take more time but, the result is always a greater achievement for us.”

The Spring 2013 collection showcases KARV as a brand that is proud to be original.

KARV Spring

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