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Up-and-coming Designers Shine At MYR1AD 2013


Ryerson University goes above and beyond when it comes to the world of fashion. The downtown Toronto school has a reputation for building up a strong talent pool through its diverse fashion programs, and this year is no different.

On November 14th, fashion students hosted MYR1AD, a runway show and design exhibition with the theme of “the nirvana state at the stage between life and death.” The exclusive event took place inside Ryerson’s gorgeous Interior Design building and invited industry professionals and special guests to take part in a one-of-a-kind experience. The runway show featured a series of handcrafted accessories that stood out among a sea of white garments designed by students. The 16 accessories incorporated a wide variety of intricate details, including jewels, chains and feathers. The show was an excellent presentation of unique designs and raw talent.


The designers’ visions were brought to life as they came down the runway and were later showcased in an exhibition with interactive models. The gallery also featured innovative fashion film and photography, giving the audience a glimpse at some of the work that is produced in their program. The exhibition was fresh and full of inspiration.

MYR1AD was just a taste of what these fashion students have up their sleeves. Up next, they will be working hard on producing Mass Exodus 2014, which is the largest student-run fashion event in the world.




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