Developing A Powerful Entrepreneurial Spirit

Powerful Entrepreneurial Spirit

Having an entrepreneurial  spirit will help you to make a real success of your career, regardless of your chosen field of employment. The power of a forward-thinking business attitude is so important that the University of Oxford provide training to their female academics in creating an entrepreneurial identity and using it to enhance their studies. With women still fighting an uphill battle in the world of work and business, it can be difficult to develop and maintain such a spirit; however, if done well, it can create opportunities that take your career – or your business – to new heights.

Firm but fair

Forbes has provided a wealth of knowledge in developing a business-like mindset, and some of its most widely shared tips concern one area – fairness. As a business owner and entrepreneur, a lot of your success will be based on your reputation, and it’s therefore important that people perceive you in the right way. How can this be achieved? Firstly, treat your partners and employees as you would wish to be treated. A great way to achieve this is through being firm, but fair. Provide your employees with an appropriate benefits package that rewards their good work – this includes salary, but extends to perks, or finding a workers comp quote that will provide a good level of insurance to keep your workforce happy and healthy. Being assertive and negotiating fairly in all aspects of your business will help you, both in getting a good deal for your staff, driving up performance, and getting a good deal with partners.

Be creative

Millennials are not often associated with booming business, but a recent Inc. article suggests that they might be the most suited to entrepreneurship due to their innate creativity. This is a trait shared by women, who are increasingly considered as more creative than men due to a generally higher level of networking – according to Psychology Today, having lots of connections to bounce ideas off is linked with improved creativity. As a female business owner, develop your entrepreneurial spirit through getting out of your comfort zone and constantly looking to innovate. With modern technology, this will be easier than it ever has been before.

Learn to fail

According to a report in US News, leading trainer of women in business Susannah Wellford preaches that failure is a necessary step in becoming a success. Without mistakes along the way, you simply cannot develop the attitude needed to constantly innovate and grow your business. For women in business, this can often be a daunting prospect given the barriers thrown up by the system. It’s more important than ever that you get to grips with the feeling of failure in business, and learn to embrace it and learn from your mistakes.

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If you can develop a stoic mindset that focuses on learning from your mistakes, consistently acts in a forthright and assertive manner, and learns to innovate, then you’re in a good position for success. No business ever shot right to the top – and the ones that did often have stories behind closed doors. Focus your mindset, and your business will be a success.

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