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Diego Gomes Is The Next Star!

DIEGO GOMES was crowned with the title THE NEXT STAR, amid deafening screams from ecstatic fans in the stadium and across the country.

Diego Gomes the_next_star

Faze was there to see it all!

September 26, 2010 at Canada’s Wonderland was a day full of excitement and anticipation for the contestants of YTV’s The Next Star and fans alike.

The season finale was full of amazing performances by Faber Drive, These Kids Wear Crowns and each contestant of the show: Madi, Mimoza, Isabelle, Brandon, Victoria and Diego.

Brandon clearly had the largest cheering section in the crowd (friends and family arrived in fan t-shirts); Victoria had a stunning performance, wowing the crowd with her vocals and killer dance skills; Mimoza clearly had the celebrity vote, supported by How to be Indie‘s Melinda Shankar and Marline Yan; Madi rocked the stage with a heartfelt performance; Isabelle looked sweet and full of smiles for all of Canada; but Diego was ultimately the fan-favourite.

Though Diego was announced as the winner, all of the contestants expressed their excitement and pride over the success of their friend, and were genuinely happy just to be a part of all the magic.

Here is Diego Gomes’ Finale Performance on The Next Star Season 3

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